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  1. Accusations of misogyny? At that point I’m out. Fucking hell. Cult-like thinking.
  2. Can’t tell if you’re splitting hairs here - I don’t mean I have documentary video evidence - ‘to see’ can mean from a written source; it can also mean ‘to deduce’
  3. From the initial bid back in 2017 with Ashley, through to blabbing about Emery
  4. That’s the exact opposite of what I’ve seen so far. Staveley cannot be near a journalist without leaking like a rusty bucket
  5. MarkyMark


    They’re a deeply odd bunch. There’ll be a handful of nuggets in our support that feel genuine venom for them - but other than the standard derby day anxiety, I always enjoyed taking the piss and laughing at them. I don’t think piss-burning bollocks-our hatred is how I’d describe my attitude to them. This is accentuated when we’ve been any good - during most of the Ashley years, we were equally shite; yet they seemed to revel in that, rather than recognising the rivalry as being akin to two bald men fighting over a comb. Irrespective of how our takeover turns out - whether we win
  6. Everton in the second division, unlike Newcastle, Villa, Chelsea, Man City or Leeds, is something which hasn’t happened in most of our lifetimes. They’re a genuine aristocrat of English football - even during a fallow period like this one, they’re rarely in danger of dropping down a division. Arsenal, Man Utd & Liverpool are the only clubs where relegation would be as historically momentous, IMO.
  7. Biggest surprise drop since the PL breakaway - probably since Man Utd in the ‘70s. Everton hasn’t been relegated in over 70 years.
  8. MarkyMark

    On this day...

    I was there that day - Ginola was kicked to buggery by Dixon, cheating little bastard, before eventually getting red carded when the frustration boiled over. Taught me to hate ‘PFM’ ‘don’t like it up ‘em’ shite from English football ‘hard men’. Never really played as well for us again - he only scored three league goals in his remaining 18 months at the club after that league cup exit at Highbury. Had looked like a world beater in the first six months.
  9. I’ve seen lots of the ‘Hodgson has never relegated anyone’ patter floating about - which seems to suppose that the stain of relegation only applies to the person in charge on the last day of the season. Footballing musical chairs. Hodgson’s piss poor performance and signings was a key factor in Blackburn being relegated in ‘99 - but he did get sacked just before Xmas with them right in the shite, so apparently his hands are clean. Everton are doing their best to implode - that’s a bizarre appointment if it happens. Looking like a great idea, not getting behind Rafa. Ev
  10. Speculation bubbles are fun. Well, until they pop and take out jobs and pensions with them. But for a bit some make some unearned money - so hurray!
  11. Think I’m going try to ignore the transfer stuff until 1st Feb. It’s unclear to me what is going on - can’t tell if the goalposts are being moved, and if they are who’s advising the board to keep moving with them. I’ve started to form an opinion on some at the club when I should wait until after the window closes to judge. I hope we get what we need - can’t say I’m confident right now.
  12. MarkyMark


    I like to pop across there for about ten mins every couple of weeks - it doesn't matter where in the thousands of comments on NUFC you start from, the narrative is always the same. It is funny, and also at the time worrying - they need to step away from football, never mind the internet. Some of them are on the verge of having an NUFC-related aneurysm
  13. I've had VAR look at Chayton's opinion and ... it hasn't overruled him That's another nail in the coffin for VAR for me, Clive
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