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    Yep. England clean lost three games out of seven at the 2018 World Cup, beaten by every good side they played. Looks a lot more spectacular than it was. Compared to say Italia 90 when the only clean loss was the play-off and played much tougher opponents. Same results but really not the same things. No qualms about the Euros though - never watched a single tbh
  2. Wolfcastle


    On paper that's true but, and I don't care for the English national team so I can't say, a closer look can still warrant this. Gullit/Dalglish got us to cup finals but it was wholly appropriate they were sacked. At international level the same for Sacchi (WC final loss) and Bilardo (one WC final one WC win). Arguably even Ranieri at Leicester.
  3. Wolfcastle


    Don't know about humidity, Just know the average in New York for July is 85 and Qatar rarely hits that in December. As i recall it was the humid venues that caused the most trouble back then. - Just checked, its again supposed to be a bit lower in Qatar than pretty much anywhere in America in the summer
  4. Wolfcastle


    It'll actually be cooler than the 1994 World Cup (temperature wise only) most of the time. I doubt that'll get mentioned ever though.
  5. Wolfcastle


    Were turning them over yet again I see.
  6. I suppose it would be too much to ask for the sake of easy content to make the Europa/Confrence Leagues - cups like the UEFA/Cup Winners. Cuts down the number of games and number of uninteresting games massively. Added bonus would be people might actually care about those competitions again and differentiating it from the Champions League instead of just being a D and F version of it. There's a reason why those competetions get infinitely more interesting in the latter stages - use it.
  7. Wolfcastle


    Still satisfied with 9th, both picking it and as a finishing position. More so now I really feel we're having teething problems in the transition to controlling games versus sitting back and countering. Was too simplistic to simply carry on last seasons form without a few more signings (injuries were always going to happen) even though the margins have gone against us (with the worst will in the world, we've warranted more points than this)
  8. Totally agree. We now control games and have to break the opponents down rather than the other way around. We had more space going forward then and even then those players (ASM included) often didn't play well. Now it requires more, or perhaps less - like crossing, which none of them bar Fraser can do either. Were controlling games as a team and gameplan but individual ability is lacking. Its about as much as can be asked of the manager with what he has. We needed more to move forward on the second half of last seasons form. Couple loans would have made a world of difference.
  9. Can't be arsed and too much like hard work is what it'll boil down to. Nice commute for him and his mates to the midlands/north from his base. No way would he go to Europe like Pardew. At least he's trying to be a manager. This bloke just wants an easy life. Comfortable commute, all his mates on pay-roll and now family members too. Easy as possible. And he only charges £millions for his services.
  10. I just dont get it. What leverage did he have to say "oh and by the way I want the double-lock and double-salary of having Alex on payroll, it'll make my life easier"? Now I read he had a break clause and after failing his trial period miserably they still take him and the double-lock on?! f*cking eh!!?!?
  11. Its a ridiculously rational appointment, especially if this is an indication of what's to come from that ownership - that they wont react if they don't win a few games under Potter and won't inflict marquee signings on him he doesn't want.
  12. Definitely best not touching, even subtly, anything political. When as a fan base/country/world we've people on both sides of it all - and rightfully so
  13. Well this is the eye-sore I thought it would be. A lot of your fellow citizens (wherever you are) and fellow fans feel very differently and they're not at all wrong to. Showing respect/class shows you have respect/class. Imagine if people were behaving like this over the loss of someone you liked whether close or a public figure, what would you think? but lets not fall out over it, were all different but all support the same club just as much, hating people for having different but perfectly normal views on certain things - and that's all it is, there's no right and wrong no matter how much you or I think our side is the deified good one - cant be cool man
  14. Think the only ones of these games I've ever remotely cared about were the two games in 97. Would have preferred the mackems to stay up cos they didn't spent a fortune and weren't theoretically a threat like Boro, then just for the laugh of home loss at their new stadium whilst waiting for some proper football to come on that afternoon after both with ammusing relegated in the end anyway. Might even be the last one I ever watched.
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