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  1. In terms of the takeover, would it make any difference if Ashley listed the club again on the stock exchange? Is the rules for owning a majority share any different?
  2. Slagging off other supporters for what you think they may or may not want achieves nothing, we need to be better than that. There doesn’t seem to be a thirst for protest at all within the majority of our supporters. For the rest of us who think we know better, well there’s fuck all of us really, so are we real supporters? If there’s that few of us left and 95% of the clubs support are just there for a day out and to bring the kids out, what exactly are we fighting for? A notion of the club that doesn’t exist? Do we even deserve a takeover?
  3. Dr Jinx

    Dwight Gayle

    Dunno if anyone remembers last season when ASM was back after injury/covid, there was a video of training, and ASM being interviewed, Gayle jogs past and sarcastically mutters “The saviour of Newcastle”, thought he was an absolute bellend from that point. I’ve no time for him, or sympathy. He’s seemed happy to pick up wages and not play the last 2 seasons, what should essentially be the peak of his career.
  4. Dr Jinx

    Steve Bruce

    He got off light tonight. A few mutters at the end, pathetic really.
  5. I don’t know how they aren’t at least 3 goals up. Shocking performance apart from 3/4 players trying to do anything.
  6. Something I never thought I’d consider, but Llambias was a better “managing director” than Charnley. Like we’re talking pond level increments here but not wrong
  7. Dr Jinx

    Steve Bruce

    Being inept and losing regularly doesn’t seem to be a problem for Mike Ashley but having a mutiny going on between playing staff and management is something he’ll take notice of.
  8. Dr Jinx

    Steve Bruce

    Yeah once he dismantled a great team and replaced them with his Liverpool pals for one last pay day. He’s up there for me and maybe the fact that if he really was motivated to succeed he could have done better. He didn’t give a monkeys though. McClaren, Bruce, Pardew, Allardyce, Souness.. they have two things in common, they are all shit and they all have massive egos.
  9. Dr Jinx

    Steve Bruce

    What we know is that Rafa could turn that side into a well organised unit that performs better than the sum of its parts. Eddie Howe isn’t that kind of manager and I think he would struggle massively coming into this absolute mess, knowing that he probably wouldn’t be backed in January. His final season with Bournemouth they were a shambles. Don't underestimate the absolute rot that Steve Bruce has allowed set in, it would take a remarkable manager/coach to turn that around.
  10. I don’t think he’s nearly as wealthy as you’d think he is. Not skint but not able to afford his lifestyle either. I’d say he lost loads through gambling.
  11. Perfect way to ruin someone’s special occasion
  12. I’d pay 135 quid to absolutely berate him. https://memmo.me/gb/en/profile/michael-owen
  13. Dr Jinx

    Steve Bruce

    He’s such a deluded prick I really believe he thought his time here would be different than the others, that Ashley wouldn’t hang him out to dry. He’s adrift now, I’d say he’s getting minimal contact from boardroom level and he basically never had the skills to manage a club of this size anyway, communication is suffering at every level, even the physios. He’ll hang the players out to dry, we’ve seen that already. He’ll look out for no.1 and maybe the other two Steve’s will get shielded a bit, Jones will be put in the firing line sooner or later, but of course if that works out, he
  14. At this point I’m working from a presumption that we won’t get a takeover and that Steve Bruce is going to be allowed relegate us.
  15. This thread is pure aids once again
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