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  1. Few good moments for us but then I’ll think if that lethargic tracking back while teams cut through our soft gooey centre.. that was all on his watch. And despite him changing his ways somewhat, he would always carry that risk of being red carded for yellowish tackles.. as refs fucking hated him apparently. Eddie Howe is pretty ruthless it has to be said.. I mean, he probably just told him, “Jonjo, we’re playing football that you just don’t have the legs for, time to move on” No hard feelings, just cold hard reality.
  2. They’ve done more in the 5 mins he’s been on than the entire first half.
  3. I’m probably being glass half empty but I’ve seen time and time again recently that we don’t do so well with those tactics. People talking about tickets for Wembley is making me a little nervous 😟
  4. They have to come and play at some point if they want anything, that will leave all sorts of space but again, they could play a low block for 85 mins and then try and nick something to draw.. Does it go straight to penalties if that happens?
  5. Personally wouldn’t wanna see Garang anywhere near that, an injury waiting to happen. 2G stated use.. “recreational football” 😂
  6. I just tuned in and that was my first thought. Astroturf?
  7. Fraser is probably the likely candidate. Bad timing with Shelvey as well, I’d say he’d have been a candidate to move on if he was not injured.
  8. There was definitely something toxic going on at the club, even in the “good old days”, like that whole thing with giving Dietmar Hamann a copy of Mein Kampf for his secret Santa thing was shit craic. It’s no wonder he wanted out so quick. When you see the difference in how Bruno is treated by everyone at the club and city, you know it would take something absolutely ridiculous to make him want to leave.
  9. Enrique was class for us and ultimately where we were, you can’t blame him for wanting out at that point in time. He hardly replicated that form for the dippers though. Is he even on their radar as a past player?
  10. Dr Jinx

    Anthony Gordon

    You think he can just go shopping on Merseyside now? Any time I’ve moved to a different town I like to explore and shopping for trainers is about as innocuous as it gets. He wouldn’t be able to set foot anywhere decent without some dipshit with their phone out. They (footballers) are compensated well for it but I would find that to be such a miserable existence in the time when football isn’t being played. Can you imagine stepping outside your door to some bellend looking for at minimum a photo. Never being able to just go for a quiet pint by yourself, always being watched. Never alone. Always someone there to catch you if you take even the smallest misstep. Wouldn’t fancy it to be honest.
  11. Dr Jinx

    Anthony Gordon

    That’s football though isn’t it.. we make judgements on people based off how they appear playing for teams we dislike, or perhaps playing for our own team and not doing that well etc. Anthony Gordon has been somewhat of an antagonistic character playing against us but you can’t argue that he was a standout for them, especially last season. Energy, presence, making things happen etc. This season for Everton is akin to Steve Bruce with us last season. Hopeless. No player has looked good for them, yet they still have plenty of talented players there, and arguably Gordon was by some distance their best. So time to draw a line under past biases and let’s see what he can do with us. I’m expecting between, Almiron, Longstaff and now Gordon that we’ll run teams into the ground and maybe give Bruno a little less to do so he can control the game more. The squad is getting stronger which can never be a bad thing.
  12. Dr Jinx


    Moses Itauma vs some bum, 1 body shot and 1 shot to the gloves and the guy packed it in.
  13. Dr Jinx

    Anthony Gordon

    He actually looks like one of those AI apps where they get faces all wrong.
  14. Dr Jinx

    Anthony Gordon

    They actually have a private forum where they talk about us with that hilarious inbred take on things to try and avoid ridicule on Twitter? (and here..)
  15. Dr Jinx

    Anthony Gordon

    I wonder if Howe is planning on freshening things up formation wise. 4-2-3-1 might be an option now, or 4-3-1-2, in both of those I’d see Gordon playing up the middle.
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