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  1. I was watching it live and I couldn’t believe that he didn’t just stick it in himself
  2. andyc35i

    Steve Bruce

    I just really hate how shite we are and it’s still just accepted across all levels at the club. I also hate that if you ask any of these pundits outside of Newcastle, they’d say Bruce is doing a fantastic job
  3. I have never understood why Matty is highly thought about here compared to his brother. In my opinion, Sean is by far and away the more talented of the two and looked like he could be a solid Premier League player. I don’t see that in Matty and think his future is elsewhere. In saying that, I guess you can’t really judge anyone over the last two even three years as most have regressed - just like the entire club itself.
  4. I really want to see Allan play in a good side. I imagine he’d improve drastically when he’s not having to carry the team
  5. Watching Everton win a game like that with the crowd bouncing has just got me really angry tonight. I told myself that would stop caring about what Rafa does with them because he could never achieve anything with us given how shite the club is run, but I find myself just really angry with the missed opportunity that a donkey could have spotted
  6. But there is no money to buy anyone remember… 😜
  7. I would play Lewis for this game so we can get some sort of pace at the back at least. We are going to lose anyway so we may as well give Bruce someone to pin the blame on because he sure as shit wouldn’t call out Richie or Shelvey
  8. Three different seasons, three games at home to Southampton where we have been completely outclassed. This moron of a manager really doesn’t learn a thing
  9. I think he’s shite so he will fit in well
  10. I agree. Obviously we need some more legs in a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1, but surely a simple tactical set-up with Hayden, Longstaff and Willock behind Almiron, ASM and Wilson could work. It just needs time spent on the training ground to work on shape in defence / attack
  11. We have been so bad defensively around our box it’s embarrassing and deserve to be behind, but I’m raging about that penalty decision. I can’t understand how that’s been not overturned
  12. Arsenal are turning into us. By that I mean, these sorts of games, you know they’re going to lose before it starts and then people will question the quality and passion on display - that’s what you always associate with us
  13. andyc35i

    Joe Willock

    When the registration cut off for the weekend game or have we missed it already?
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