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  1. Heed game called off today due to covid so here we are. Stuck in the house.
  2. Him and Cedwyn Scott are easily some of the top players in the league nevermind Gateshead. League 2/1 quality.
  3. Would say well done to their fans but they were little sh*ts and their players were telling kids to f*ck off in the tunnel. Glad to beat them.
  4. FA Cup replay tomorrow for heed, 7:45pm KO. Probably our biggest challenge yet including league games..
  5. Heed in FA Cup tomorrow. Grimsby have their game on iPlayer/red button from half 12.
  6. Wouldn't undermine Marske tbh, very good side, could give us a good competitive game
  7. JJ is very hit and miss, on his day he's a very fucking amazing baller.
  8. Got super pissed and still barely coming down from it but heed had another dominating 3-0 performance yesterday, 5th now.
  9. Heed won 6-2 against Bradford PA. Was 1-1 half time.
  10. Hopefully finds his boots again on Saturday so we can advance easily in the cup.
  11. Can't forget Cedwyn Scott, former nufc trialist.
  12. If you do, make sure you get right to the back - it's where all the best parts are. Should be a canny turnout for Saturday.
  13. Heed can go 3rd with a big win today
  14. We're pissing the league in terms of chances made, we're just failing to put enough in the back of the net - was evident last night.
  15. FA Cup draws - 18th September Darlo vs Chester York vs Hebburn Gateshead vs Bradford (PA) Marske United vs South Shields Blyth Spartans vs Bootle/FC United
  16. Heed were poor up front, should have easily won but didn't take the chances we were given - Southport keeper very good.
  17. Covid too apparently, same with Darlo.
  18. Darlo vs Bradford PA Southport vs Gateshead York vs Farsley All 3pm ko, hoping Gateshead keep win going - could go 3rd
  19. Nearly did the same as our last home game with 3 goals in the first 24 minutes. We should have won by a clear margin but a little more shooting training will clear that up. Really does seem like our reform is complete and we can go up. Very exciting future with a very good side.
  20. Gateshead unbeaten in league so far, in playoffs too
  21. Heed vs Kettering at 3pm, first league game of the season
  22. Whitley bay came back from 1-0 down to win 2-1
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