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  1. To be fair he tweeted his earnings a few weeks back, if he hasn't deleted it.
  2. We lost but we gave it our all. Back to the league.
  3. 4k or so, biggest attendance since 2014
  4. Gateshead FA Cup tickets go offsale midnight tonight. Might as well come along and support your local non-league team.
  5. League games are the best, proper fans nonstop chanting behind the team. Gonna be crazy on Friday too.
  6. Manager side, mint. Player side, not so much. You can notice the decline.
  7. They aren't, surprisingly
  8. Andddd Gateshead win again Now we're just most likely gonna miss 2 of our best players for the Charlton match due to injury Lush
  9. Gateshead FC tickets for the fa cup game on 3rd go on sale tomorrow 9am.
  10. Heed beat Spenny 2-1 in derby game Blyth won 1-0 York ... lost again lol
  11. Predicting a few k, hopefully people up for the toon game on the Saturday come across the river.
  12. Michael Nelson sacked (Blyth).
  13. Always do - was even better this time given how their striker shushed us when he made it 2-2.
  14. Holy fucking shit. Gateshead have done it. We have a round 2 FA Cup home game on ITV 4.
  15. Absolutely fucking amazing for Gateshead.
  16. Wasn't clicking for a while, was bound to eventually happen. Was a ticking timebomb.
  17. Aye but Bruce doesn't have a genetic disease.. he's just a cunt.
  18. Now confirmed as a TV game. Winner of replay plays Charlton Friday 3rd December 7:45pm KO - game on ITV4.
  19. Eddie Howe interview is on youtube right now as a premiere for those who missed it
  20. I refuse to accept that's our manager, he never mentioned anything about bacon
  21. Alwaleed or whatever his name is - yes. Used to support Man Utd and admitted it on a previous podcast, then started supporting us around the same time all the legal action started.
  22. Gateshead play Charlton at home in FA Cup IF they win reply vs Altrincham on 16th. Surely a TV game, what an incentive to go all out.
  23. Fabrizio, he's a reporter - quite a good one too - breaks news all the time.
  24. Once Fab says it's happening, it's happening.
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