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  1. So would Everton fans be happy with this? I like him but is he really going to be an upgrade for many prem teams?
  2. ill wait to see the results on the pitch before making a judgment. ill trust the management team over everyone else for now.
  3. Goat curry is great. Make it often, Jamaican version anyway.
  4. i actually do really like pineapple on pizza lol.
  5. i really dont like cheesy chips.
  6. They aren't even the best team in their league.
  7. fuck me i think they need to stop sniffing glue as its destroying what little brains they have.
  8. That definitely makes up for that weird miss the other day.
  9. youtube cant be that lucrative for him so how does he afford to go everywhere? is he secretly rich or not secretly rich? i dont know as i dont bother to follow any of his stuff.
  10. I've got bad astigmatism to along with a weaker eye due to a punch injury and judging distance is a bastard. Shop windows are a nightmare, the amount of times I've accidentally headbutted a window and shouted ow fuck and the people in the shop to turn and look at me.
  11. If women hadn't been effectively been banned for decades things might be better than they are now. They could kick a ball about but weren't allowed to use official training facilities or anything like that that would help them as it was unseemly for a woman to play football.
  12. I used to live next to him, his family makes the mackem stereotypes come to life.
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