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  1. I understand I was being sarcastic
  2. Oh to dream of such big numbers and lofty ambitions....
  3. I went to the York City (Bootham Crescent) ground tour once or twice, the away dressing room was an intentional shit tip. The Guide said that other tactics involve turning the thermostat up to an uncomfortable but not overly noticeable temperature and having the floors buffed heavily on the day to increase the chance of slips and falls.
  4. Honorable mention for Glenn Roeder surely ?
  5. Sick of these snowflakes getting triggered by the mighty nuclear plasma ball in the sky.
  6. I'd like to think footballers are slightly more romantic and "vibes" based than they get credit for. I mean just look at your profile picture, who would not love that.
  7. Where is this place and how do i go there?
  8. Clearly still pissed from Saturday then....
  9. The parachute payments when they go back down.....
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