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A lot of people  on the forum talk about him. I have only seen him play one game so I really dont know much about the guy. At 15 mil he seems very expensive for a player without experience from the bigger leagues though.


Can anyone fill me in on his qualities and motivate why they want him to play for NUFC?



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£15mill??? Where did that come from?


I read it some time ago when the rumours started. Have no link though.


Never mind the price. What is the hype around the guy based on?


I think you are mistaken him for the Arsenal & Chelsea target Mordic, who is valued at £15m


Arshavin has never been valued more than £8m by every single news source going.

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To be honest whatever news sources say he would cost is far underestimated. You'd have no chance in getting him for £8m when you consider russian clubs are notoriously difficult when it comes to selling their russian players. Arshavin is Zenit's star player, they are in the champions league next season, Russia has a cap on foreigners, all this would make it near impossible to get him for under £10m IMO.

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