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Roeder's replacement. We like Dutch.

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Javier Clemente.

Good solid record at many clubs and a good knowledge of European football. Tactical know how.


Van Basten.

A players manager if ever there was one and a cool head.



My favourite. Thomas Doll.



Bart Van Marjiwk.

Had success at Feynoord and coached at PSV before moving to Germany.



Ronald Koeman.

Bags of experience played at Barca under Cruyff etc. Tough cookie.

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There are so many benefits now to take onboard a European coach it is patently ridiculous to exclude them out of hand as seems to have happenned to Hiddink. He wasn't even approached and has ended up wasting his time with the Russina national side.

One of the main ones as people have realised on here is the broader view of the transfer market for one.

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GR hasn't done enough wrong for this thread to exist.


If he bought welll in the transfer window everyone including thread maker would be suking his cock, but he has a horrible cunt of a twat to contend with in FS, so its not his fault imo.


If Glenn starts making purely wrong decisions like Souness, then jump on his fuking back, until then lets give him a bit of fuking space, we all know he's not wordl class, but he's better than previous.



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Don't be so touchy. The thread is hypothetical and educational. tongue.gif


Fair enough, but negativity breeds negativity, and GR doesn't deserve this, not yet.


We need to give him a chance, as FS aint going to do anythin drastic for a while now, and all we will be doing is making things worse.


There's plenty i'm not happy with this season, but the way weve gone about it is better than last.



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Let's just say Wenger, I doubt anyone has considered him.


Doesn't mean that if every manager and football club in the world died/folded today except him and Newcastle that he'd come.

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Link provided Bobby no excuses. bluebiggrin.gif



"As a coach he managed to get the small-sized team of Fortuna Sittard into the Dutch Cup final in 1998. In 2002 he coached Feyenoord to win the UEFA Cup. Since July 2004 he is manager of Borussia Dortmund. He is the father-in-law of Bayern Munich midfielder Mark van Bommel."


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