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Exchange rate issues


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It has occurred to me that with the Pound/Euro exchange rates at an all time low, a few Premier League clubs who would previously find cheaper players abroad may find that option less viable.


A player valued at 15m Euro's would have cost £10m this time last year. He'd now cost £12m.


As such some clubs may find a domestic/Scottish player more attractive when comparing prices. Other clubs may have to compromise on the players they'd purchase.


Furthermore, the real value of wages will go down as the comparative cost of living in the UK has gone up, and the comparative value of wages in the EU has gone up. This could have further effect on Premier League migration patterns.


This could all potentially mean that a club's wealth could become a greater determinant of PL success next season.


It also means that we should get Owen on a new contract soon, as the cost of a replacement could rocket.


If financial trends continue, we need to get all of our best players on new long term contracts ASAP as the real value of their wages is likely to decrease, so they are likely to want much higher wages in the future.


Of course, if any player takes financial advice now, they are likely to ask for either a pay rise, or a variable wage based on the economy.


Hope everyone followed all that and are able to give sensible responses :)

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Well lets hope Michael Owen knows his economics as well as Rocker and Dave.


Assume that when he signed, we paid him the weekly wage that he was getting at Real Madrid: 150,000 Euros = £100,000.


If he wanted parity now, he'd want £120,000.


We should get him signed before he notices.

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To give a vaguely sensible response / viable alternative, i'd suggest we look at South American players, who will be traded in US$ values where our relative strength is greater than our relative weakness against the Euro.


As for the reality of exchange rate fluctuations impacting the summer, i think it's highly dubious, the more concerning issue for all clubs will be how much their owner(s) have been hit by what has happened in the markets and how much that will impact their spending power. All the people in charge of big clubs these days seem to be at least financially sage and will have assets diversified and most risk hedged, meaning currency movements have very little impact on them. Rather than using GBP to pay for players they could utilise European assets and pay with that money, reinvesting the GBP equivalent into a UK or US recovery stock / alternative product / commodity.

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2 dollars approximately equal 1 Pound. We should raid USA then.


Think you will find most South American players are transferred in US$ as well... Obviously they're all shit too...

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