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Wow, I remember these. City were the first club to have these things done - I'm suprised they've sold enough to be able to expand to other clubs. Remember a guy from the company coming onto a City forum spamming these shitty things, sprouting off how good they were trying to get people to buy em - But people were just going onto the site, checking the previews and downloading them thru temporary internet files and USB onto their phones for nowt. The guy was absolutely staggered that anyone had managed to "hack" his site...Soon changed his tune when half the forum's avatars turned into Samaras ball juggling. Absolute shite...Gobsmacked they're not bankrupt by now.

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Guest Invicta_Toon

"Premier World were unable to offer virtual simulations of Kieron Dyer due to the lack of available modeling data. The same situation exists for Shola scoring and Bramble defending. Premier World apologises for any inconvenience caused"

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