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Do we have a lucky owner?

Guest sicko2ndbest

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Guest sicko2ndbest

Luck plays a large part in football, hopefully some of Big Mikes will rub off on the team


Newcastle owner Ashley wins £1.3m on one spin of roulette wheel

By Christopher Leake - More by this author »


Last updated at 22:28pm on 3rd May 2008



The billionaire owner of Newcastle United has won £1.3million on the single spin of a roulette wheel. High-rolling Mike Ashley collected the windfall after betting a total of £480,000 on his lucky number, black 17 – the same number favoured by James Bond.



The maverick retail tycoon placed bets on every combination that included 17 – such as the wheel stopping on black, odd and a number between 1 and 18 – in a complex bet known as a "complete".


Butt is on to a win double as he plots Chelsea’s downfall


As the chips piled up before the spin, fellow punters in the luxurious 50 London casino in St James Street, Mayfair, where 45-year-old Mr Ashley is a regular, gathered around the table.


Divorcee Mr Ashley watched impassively as the roulette wheel turned. As the ball dropped into slot 17, the expectant crowd broke out into loud applause. Mr Ashley calmly looked up at the croupier and said: "That'll do me, thanks very much," and walked off with his winnings. He had spent just 15 minutes at the table.


One onlooker said: "Mike's a regular at the casino. He'd come along with a group of male friends and placed what's known as a complete bet on 17. His chips surrounded the number in every possible combination, and when he won the crowd went wild and clapped and cheered. Everyone loves a winner."


Soon afterwards, Mr Ashley, who jealously guards his privacy, left the casino, which dates from 1827 and charges £650 a year membership, with his winnings.


The number 17 is said to be one of the most common bets in roulette as it lies in the exact centre of the table. Mr Ashley placed a house maximum of £2,000 on the number 17, which won him £70,000 at odds of 35-1.


The rest of his winnings came from the complex "complete" bet, which is generally not advised by gamblers as it is tantamount to "putting all your eggs in one basket". One London casino source said:


"This gentleman certainly knows his roulette, and left no stone unturned when he played."


...and here's how he did it


First, he bet the house maximum £2,000 on the single No 17. At odds of 35-1, it paid out £70,000.


Then he placed £4,000 on each of the four 'splits': that the number would be either 17 or the number immediately adjacent – 14, 16, 18 or 20. A total bet of £16,000 at odds of 17-1 means a win of £272,000.


He placed £8,000 on each of the four 'corner' bets – groups of four numbers including 17. A total bet of £32,000 at odds of 8-1, winning £256,000.


A 'street' bet that the number would be 16, 17, or 18. His £6,000 bet at 11-1 nets £66,000.


Two £12,000 bets that the number would be between 13 and 18, or 16 and 21. A £24,000 stake at 5-1 yields £120,000. £100,000 on each of the even-money bets: black, odd and between 1 and 18. £300,000 staked, £300,000 won.


£50,000 on each of the two 2-1 bets: the middle column on the table and the middle dozen numbers, 13 to 24. Total stake: £100,000. Total win: £200,000.


TOTAL BET: £480,000 TOTAL WIN: £1,284,000


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Heard a rumour btw that he hasn't washed his hand since he got the chance to shake mine down at West Ham. Can't guarantee it's true mind, just what I've heard.

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Guest sicko2ndbest

lets hope he gambles in the summer by putting in more cash than he wanted to, to try and push us into champions league!


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Guest optimistic nit

Perhaps that explains the real reason he wore "Smith 17" all that time. The fact it was Smith was just coincidental. :lol:


probably thought smith could do with all the luck he could get.

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