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This may be irrevelant, but im gonna compare their match to our bolton match:


1) We had around 5,000 empty seats, they had 9,000

2) We were playing a boring defensive Bolton, they were playing a good attacking Man City

3) Bolton had about 800 fans, Man City had about 2,700

4) We drew at OT, they had won 2 games on the bouce

5) We signed no one iirc in that week? , they signed Ferdinand, few days or so earlier they signed Cisse and Healy

6) Sky sports, goals on sunday, match of the day, every paper all said something about our attendence, SKY SPORTS SAID FUCK ALL ABOUT THE MACKEMS, lets see about the papers

7) We charge more money than those do

And to top it off, they are gonna win the league with their superstars and be the north east big guns  :lol: (thats what there fans were making it out like if you dont already know)


That is fucking piss poor support tbh, they wouldnt stop taking the piss on readytogo (mackems forum), and 90% of them were hilariously deluded. We say next to nout about those, maybe this proves we arnt obsessed like those ?



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40000 is a fantastic crowd for a team who has not finished in the top 4 for what, 50 years ?

A club who has put its supporters through 15 and 19 point seasons in the last 5 years.

A club that hasn't played in Europe for 30+ years.

That hasn't won a cup in 30+ years.


No other English team would of mustered a crowd like that, under the same circumstances.Not Liverpool, Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea.None of them.


I'm sure the 8,000 fans who didn't buy tickets were thinking, "We've signed some good players, played well first two games, might just buy a tick-, ah, hang on...2 years ago we only got 15 points and we haven't played in Europe for 30 years...don't think I'll bother this afternoon afterall".



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Guest ObaStar

it just proves that people don't care enough about such an insignificant club to hear news that they can't (not surprisingly) fill their stadium.

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