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Lovenkrands Taken To Hospital


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Hope your okay Peter..


Lovenkrands Taken To Hospital


By Paul Tully


DANISH star Peter Lovenkrands was taken to hospital with a serious back injury after being hurt shortly before half-time in today's match against Chelsea.


But his condition was later stabilised by doctors after he was given oxygen in the dressing-room.


Alan Shearer revealed afterwards: "Peter got a very, very nasty knock on his back and he was struggling to breathe.


"We had to put breathing apparatus on him when he got into the dressing-room.

"He went to hospital and they've stabilised him and hopefully he will be okay."

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He seemed to take a heavy hit in the back like, wasn't sure if he was winded at first or what but he seemed to be in a lot of discomfort.  Cracked rib?  Punctured lung?  He was in a bad fucking way whatever it was from what I saw.  All the best to him like  :thup:

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