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The choice for Mike Ashley.


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I thought I had succinctly distilled where we are as a club right now. Shame that 2 "administrators" undermine it with their infantile comments instead of encouraging adult debate.


"...back Alan Shearer or fuck off!" - hardly the most sage uttering I've ever read in my time on here. Dear me.


I think the fact it had been said dozens of times elsewhere tonight was the reason for those "infantile" replies. You've tried to start a new thread and thought, "fucking hell I'm onto something here, people will love this and I'll be credited as a visionary for my immense summing-up of the situation and my incredibly accurate pinpointing of the major issue at hand."


When, in reality, it's already being discussed/has been discussed in about 3 other threads tonight. Did the very first response you got not give you a clue? Not from an Administrator either, amazingly.

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