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The 12 months game


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It's a year to the day since Michael Owen (remember him?) scored an extra-time winner in a Carling Cup match where we'd comprehensively outplayed the opposition. On the surface, pretty much everyone was happy and optimistic.


Difficult to believe everything that's gone on since then fits into one year, and it's difficult to remember it all.


What can you remember?


I'll start us off with:

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Guest labrowski

That and getting excited about transfer deadline day and then later flying to vegas only to get a txt off my mate on arriving telling me about the keegan fiasco! meh

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The link to Schweinstiger ... which woul dhave probably left us with the following team.


Beye Coloccini Bassong Enrique


     Schwein Barton Jonas


         Viduka        Martins


Aaaah well.



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The horrible, gnawing worry that all wasn't well with Keegan in the transfer window and the blind, desperate hope that everything would be ok. 


Louise Taylor being a shit-stirring, lying bitch that knew nothing.

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Shit performances by N'Zogbia, Butt, Owen and Shola away at Arsenal. Nile being on the bench and me wondering who he was (had been on holiday). Barton coming on and giving that little cunt Nasri a taste of his own medicine.

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