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  1. quayside

    Jeff Hendrick

    What is he supposed to be - holding midfielder, breaking up the other sides play, wide midfield, the eleventh player on the pitch until he gets sent off? Fuck knows... Surely Anderson or Matty Longstaff would give us something more?
  2. If I remember correctly he was way down the shopping list, plenty of others supposed to have turned the job down - Bruce might have even been the 10th choice?
  3. Carragher not far off that as well...
  4. Aye I though that. The answer where Johnson mentioned common sense I wanted Starmer to go after him on the detail but after thought that in the circumstances may have looked like point scoring instead of necessary scrutiny at this time. Totally - Starmer is a class act. No overt politicising, just planting the landmines.
  5. "From this day forward we will be making our own luck.”
  6. We were. And Willy Caballero. Dubs > both.
  7. Fuck me Mourinho’s shelf life is now down to months rather than years, he is officially toxic...
  8. Replay Tuesday 4th Feb at 19.45. Be amazed if it isn’t televised, it’s got sensational underdog triumph written all over it.
  9. On the evidence so far Ciaran Clark is also a better striker than Joelinton.
  10. Haven’t seen any of the match - but this thread man 😂
  11. Hmm....the kid might be hyperactive/autistic/something like that? Had experience of being in a flat with that scenario going on above. Not necessarily due to bad parenting tbh. Can be very difficult to deal with for anyone affected - sorry I am not offering a solution but just saying...
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