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The truth about referees


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Paul Mosley and David Jones letting NO down there,with probably the two worst efforts.


Looks like it was a wild night out afterward though.

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Didn't Steve Harper once say that when he retires he want's to be a ref?


"I love refereeing," insisted Harper, a class-three official who spends most Sunday mornings working in the Peterlee and District League in his native southeast Durham. "But after getting decisions wrong myself I understand how hard the job is; I now realise how good the top fellows in the Premiership really are. It would be great to test myself at that level and the Referees' Association have given me a lot of encouragement to climb the ladder.


"But, realistically, if I'm lucky enough to continue playing until I'm into my thirties I'll probably be too old to ever stand a chance of qualifying as a Premiership referee."


Interview by the Mackem Bitch in the Sunday Times, Sunday, 16.01.00

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