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7 hours 11 minutes...

Guest Geordiesned

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Guest Geordiesned

..since we last scored a league goal.


It's a fair bet that you can add another 90 minutes onto that next Saturday.


The last league goal was Shola's penalty at home to Bolton.


The last league goal we scored from open play was Shola against Everton. That was 10 hours 16 minutes ago.


That goal should have actually been disallowed as Shola was well offside, so if you look for the last league goal we scored from open play that was perfectly legitamate and where we didn't get a favour from the officials you have to go back to the 17th September and Obafemi Martins effort at West Ham.


That was 12 hours 15 minutes ago.


Depressing reading.  :cry:



(and yes, I'm bored)

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