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  1. Just caught up with Game of Thrones, binge watched it yesterday. Woken up this morning absolutely furious with the events.
  2. Ember

    Remy Cabella

    Great performance from him today IMO
  3. Weight loss/gain is simply a matter of Calories In VS Calories Out. Expend more calories than you take in = lose weight. RE: Carbs or fats for weight loss - carbs are NOT the energy. They're a vital macronutrient and required by the human body. If you did a ketogenic diet (drop carbs and eat mod/high fats) then your body will utilise fat as an energy source. That said, you could eat a fairly high amount of carbs, and as long as: A) It fits your macros (www.iifym.com) B) You burn more than you take in You WILL lose weight
  4. 1400 calories is enough if you're trying to lose weight, the rest of the energy will come from those extra 2 stone you're carrying. Make sure you're eating healthy stuff though, you still need to get your nutritional requirements from those calories. 1400 calories is wayyyyyy too low. It's not sustainable and is just unhealthy. Not good for you at all. I'm 76kg and to lose body fat my ideal calorie intake is 2100 calories.
  5. I'll be at the game but would love to see this happen. I'm taking the Mrs to SJP for the first time, funnily enough the first NUFC game I took her to was the 1-4 win at the KC stadium in March earlier this year against these twats.
  6. Believe me mate, I know. There's braindead Twitter lies, then there's just total garbage.
  7. Colin tweeted about 12pm simply saying "AC " Ok...
  8. Milner was absolute gash
  9. Ember


    I'm off on a "Lads holiday" to Magaluf in July with 8 of my mates. Cannot wait!
  10. Anybody else watching it tonight thinking "fuck me, this is pure shite"?
  11. Got SPEED 11 printed on my home shirt. Still fucking gutted by this
  12. Rooney got sent off for less brutal things against Montenegro
  13. That 606 phone in, wow, that's pretty powerful. Robbie Savage, normally a loud-mouth, but my god, he seems so devastated
  14. Thats got me going :'( Had to stop it. Same. Forgot just how f***ing good he was
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