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  1. mate we're up shit creek without a fucking tug-boat
  2. "hope all is good we good" "Dude should we move it to 7? cos of the heat!" "cool man"
  3. I would be if we were prepared. :thup:
  4. WhatTheFunk


    Kaizero didn't even fucking bother!!! the poof! cheers lads
  5. first time i've posted on here since we've gone down. no I haven't gone and thrown a strop or owt like that. just been real busy with work, and now i'm finally on holiday and have a bit of time. to be honest, I don't think it's even hit me yet. I walked away from the tv screen as soon as the whistle went at Villa park. I must say I felt guilty for walking away so I returned for a few moments to see Steven Taylor on the ground, and the invisible tears in Shearer's eyes. I started to feel the sadness until I saw the likes of Jonas and others, which reminded me just how shit we have been this season. The sadness was sapped from me in an instant. The cameras panning to the tearful faithful just made me angry and harked me back to Souness' first season in charge, and the fiasco that has followed that since. Anger turned into fury. It was the kind of fury you feel once you are relieved after years of living in fear. We have lived the fear of going down since that 1-0 away defeat at Charlton when Bellamy was hauled off having been our best player. It was all over now, and we could at least rest easy, knowing the embarrassment was all but over for at least a few hours or months. I can't help feel a tiny sense of excitement at the prospect of a robust and energetic Newcastle United outfit that can score goals and win matches once again. But even that tiny glimmer was shattered when I found myself trawling through the Premier League news section of Skysports.com, and realizing I was looking in the wrong place. Fading echoes of all the lads n lasses there, all with smiling faces, gannin along the Scotswood road ring in my mental ears, but with every beat my heart brings the blaydon races back up to my mouth, louder than ever, with the promise of a new era, and a new lease of life for the one true love in my life....the pleasure and pain of supporting a Newcastle United that will once, maybe in a year or ten, rise again from the ashes, and score 3 goals in Milan.
  6. still a class act imo. don't just look at the goals he's scored from there this season, but look at the goals he's been involved in. absolute quality football player, and I believe it's still the belated "dip in form" seeing as he's still so young. I think Ferguson will bring in a specialist for the left and move Rooney more central, especially if Tevez leaves.
  7. where would the tongue have to be for you to recognize it?
  8. Ashley, Mort, Llambias, Keegan & the players share the blame. What proportion they share, we'll probably never know. Thank you sir. The ONLY post worth reading in this thread. That includes yours quite correct. im just pointing people towards the light here LLLO's post is gospel
  9. Ashley, Mort, Llambias, Keegan & the players share the blame. What proportion they share, we'll probably never know. Thank you sir. The ONLY post worth reading in this thread.
  10. the crucial thing about this is that if Shepherd were to chair the board, i hope he will have learned a thing or two about the mistakes he's made in the past. i've nothing against a Shepherd return by all means, as long as he does what he does best, and corrects mistakes of the past that we're still paying for today. all we want is a professional club and a professional outfit to match that can grow year on year. i've previously been a vehement anti-shepherd protester, but the man should get a second chance if he's here to right the wrongs of his past.
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