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Why Gateshead are talk of the tyne


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i go now and again like  :thup: being from the 'heed and all. i didn't even know gateshead had a team until i was about 9 (circa 1990)  a lad in my class at school came in with the old claret gateshead shirt and i was shocked to find my town had a team.


they've got a canny song, to the tune of anarchy in the uk.


'i wanna be.... heeed army!'  :clap2:

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Went to a handful of games last year, noteably the tonking of Blyth on New Years Day and the playoff victory, and they were cracking entertainment. There seems to be a few hundred hardcore Heed fans and the rest are a mixture of Newcastle and Sunderland.


It was very weird going to a match with my diehard Mackem mate and both cheering when one team scored.

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