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I was discussing this with a mate yesterday, thought I would bring it here.


Has there been a player that has won at least 3 out of the EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A?


Can think of lots that have 2 titles:


Thierry Henry (Spain and England, never won it for Juve)

Owen Hargreaves (Germany and England)

David Beckham (England and Spain, now at Milan)

Gerard Piqué (England and Spain)

Arjen Robben (England, Spain, now at Bayern)

Ruud Van Nistelrooy (England and Spain, now at Hamburg)

Christoph Metzelder (Germany and Spain)

Claude Makelele (England and Spain)

Mark Van Bommel (Spain and Germany)

Fabio Cannavaro (Spain and Italy)

Hernán Crespo (England and Italy)



Can you think of one that has three?


EDIT: We have a winner! Jens Lehmann with Milan, Arsenal and Dortmund.


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Guest firetotheworks



Has only Spain and Italy. He also has the Eredivisie but I don't count that as a "big league".


I think you can make an exception, when that particular side won the Champions League too.

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