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F***ing hell!!

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Was supposed to go to this game on Tuesday, it was my national team (Bahrain) playing Togo, eventually i couldn't make it but my friends went and said that we absolutely trashed them. I couldn't believe what i heard considering that Togo are pretty decent.. until this came out earlier yesterday.



A mysterious Togo squad played a friendly match against Bahrain in Manama on Tuesday, according to L'Equipe. The game, won 3-0 by Bahrain, even appeared on FIFA's website, but the Togolese football federation (FTF) stated the players who had faced the Bahraini national team were not from Togo.


According to Europe 1, a fake footballer’s agent, whose name or nationality is not yet know, sold the match to Bahrain, who are preparing for the Asian championships. But the feeble performance of squad during the friendly had stunned members of the Bahraini Football Association (BFA), who only found out the truth after the game.


“The very bad game of the 'Togolese' players surprised us, but then to discover that we had been dealing with a fake team was incredible,” said a member of the BFA.


Togo’s Sports Minister Christophe Tchao told Jeune Afrique that nobody back home was aware of the encounter.


“Nobody here has ever been informed of such a game. We will conduct investigations to uncover all those involved in this case,” he said.


The real Togolese national team played Botswana last Saturday in Gaborone during the first round of the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying matches, which they lost to the hosts 2-1, and all the called-up players have successfully rejoined their respective clubs, according to the FTF.







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I'll add this as well, we scored around 5 or 6 more goals that were counted as false offsides by the NIGERIAN officals who were apperently recommended by the same people who arranged the match



:lol: :lol: Why'd you have to capitalise that, man.


I'm just amazed that they've conned the whole FA like this. 90% of their teams plays in Europe and specifically France. It's not a mystery team like Seychelles or something. You could look up their photos on the internet ffs. :lol: Tbf though, the actual Togolese team is beyond awful, so 3-0 to Bahrain isn't surprising to me anyway.


Also, how did the organisers expect to get away with this. Surely they knew Bahrain could find out with a simple phone call.

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