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It's not just the winning that feels good to me it's the fact that in some games we actually appear to be competing, win lose or draw.


This, I love our combackability nowadays, we would of crumbled our last season in PL if we went 1-0 down. You just can't write us of because the players are grafters

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Guest guinness_fiend

Crump gunt hates winning. He loves to moan when we lose.


Hence the name, otherwise he'd be called Coyful Junt.



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I always felt winning was better than Losing or Drawing, which itself is better than Losing.


Seems you've put a lot into this. I'd like to hear some more of your thoughts on the subject.



err ok.

I like three points more than one. I like one point more than none.

an away point sometimes feels like three at home, sometimes it dosent.

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