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Premier League team of 2010


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SSN have just released theirs:


SkySports Premier League team of 2010



Hutton Terry Vidic A.Cole

Nani Cahil Adam Bale

Tevez Carroll


Feel free to discuss it.  Post other best teams.  Post your own effort.


(cba to fix that code for this board)

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I assume it's meant to be a 2010/11 season team?


If so, Nasri should walk into the team.


I think it's a 'team of the year' - i.e. the second half of last season and the first half of this. Either way like, Nasri should be in there.

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while i don't like giving credit to scum players onohua has been a better rb for them than huttons been for spurs, how terry can be near team of the season (so far) i'm not sure but put it down to sky prostrating themselves at the feet of their favorites, baines has been the best left back and there has to be a place for nasri whos been player of the season so far


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