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The worst players in recent club history


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When you say recent, how recent? I was gonna do a squad, thought Lionel Perez, then had the dilemma, is he classed as recent?


1992 is going to have to be the earliest.  Need to limit this to real football :lol:


I joke.  I think post-2000.

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Yeah, the Loven inclusions are very harsh IMO. Guy was a free transfer, was probably being paid pretty modestly compared to the rest of our squad yet did a great job in helping us get back up scoring some vital goals. He was also better than that prick Owen in the relegation season. Infact he's probably one of the best value for money signings we have had in a while.


He's out of his depth now, like.

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Feast on this load of shit.




Ramage Huntington Beharral Babayaro


    Brady  Smith  Fumaca  Pattison


              A. Anderson  Dalglish


Wright (2nd time), Faye, Robinson, Carr, Hamilton, W.Quinn, Bridges



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Amdy Faye







This, but Bramble in for Campbell.  Possible take out Butt and add in Daglish


Wait for it....


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