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Jamaal Lascelles: set to miss 6–9 months with ACL injury (Official)


Jamaal Lascelles  

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10 hours ago, Lush Vlad said:

Without trying to compare myself to the man mountain that is Big Jamaal. When I did my ACL. I walked off unaided and was trying to loosen up on the sidelines to come back on. 

After that. I had it checked by 3 physios/specialists who all said structurally it felt intact and there wasn’t loads of movement in the knee so probably all fine, maybe LCL at worst. Had an MRI, complete mess. 3 ligaments and a tendon. ACL completely ruptured. 

TL;DR - not everyone is the same with injuries. Lascelles is a leader and probably felt like he might be able to continue. Don’t think you can blame the medical team (for once). 

Incredibly similar to mine. Drove home on it and thought it would be alright the next day. Absolutely wasn't :lol:

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I'm thinking our medical team should stop checking reflexes by hitting players' knees with hammers.


But, bad luck Jamaal, you surprised me with how good you were when needed this season.

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12 hours ago, Optimistic Nut said:






This is counting the win against Manchester United at 2nd of december where Pope played 85 min. Sneaky.;) In my post I said "mid december" (but I meant from the Everton game and onwards). We did well in the first few games with lots of injuries at the end of november and start of december. After that, it's been bad. Understandably so, but you can't convince people that we've somehow done really well despite inuries. We just haven't, I think we've actually underperformed a little since that Man United game with the players that we've had available.




Here is the real table after Pope injury.  "Only 6 points" above relegation, and 9 points behind 6th. "Only 3-4 points" behind us there is Palace, Everton, Luton and Forest.



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Coming into this thread to find Phil Rivers discussion [emoji38]


Some people tear their ACL and go down like they've been shot. You know instantly they are gone for a year. Others get up, walk around, go to the locker room, and then you find out the next day you won't see them for a year. There's really nothing from this specific incident to hit the medical team with.

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