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Non-Geordies, why do you support Newcastle United?


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1 hour ago, Swissmag said:

Didn‘t know anything about Newcastle until Marc Hottiger joined them. In Switzerland they showed a tv documentary about the club and the supporters which made me fall in love. Never stopped watching and supporting them since ❤️




We might need your help in the Schar thread SM. We’re crying out for a decent Swiss-themed song. 

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I'm from a little town in the west midlands so I've always been asked why I support Newcastle, but thankfully everyone knows now so can't say shit about the takeover and surprisingly I've met a few pre takeover too.


I got into football mad late for my age around 12/13 I think started off by watching  98 world cup, clearly loved shearer ( iffy about him now) and i believe Les,batty,lee was part of the squad at so point.


Still mostly a England fan when Keegan took over the role i guess i started to read up more about you,and i always remember watching you in the fa cup etc even more so the finals. Even though i didn't really know my personality then i always loved how loyal you fans we're after not winning a cup for so long so loyal i loved it.


 My best and worst days so far have to be the Sit bobby memory's and sadly the sacking then the Ashley era...



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