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Brazil v Portugal

Guest loonietoonie

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Da Silva Helton (G)========(G) Pereira Ricardo 1

6 Gilberto (D)========(D) Jorge Andrade 4

5 José Edmílson ()========(D) Marco Caneira 3

3 Ferreira Lucio (D)========(D) Ricardo Carvalho 16

2 Sisenando Maicon (D)========(D) Luis Miguel 13

4 Juan (D)========(M) Anderson Deco 20

8 Gilberto Silva (M)========(M) Armando Petit 8

7 Blumer Elano (M)========(M) Ricardo Quaresma 27

10 Kaká (M)========(M) Cardoso Tiago 19

9 Fred (S)========(S) Helder Postiga 23

11 Augusto Rafael Sobis (S)========(S) Cristiano Ronaldo 17

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Boring as hell..


0-0 is the score at half time





Can't be as boring as Northern Ireland vs Wales.  I'm about to fall asleep here.


that would be a dilemma. Watch Wales vs N.Ireland? or Brazil vs Portugal?. I think Soccer Master got lucky


Friendlies are always boring no matter who they are.. and as i just say that N.Ireland just hit the crossbar oo

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Just finished 2-0 to portugal




1-Two well taken goals from portugal


2-C.Ronaldo picked up a light injury




1-Boring as hell


2-Brazil's peformence was shite,a shadow of their former selves


3-Jorge Andrade was wearing what looked like a Bra under his shirt ..



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