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Beckham and England


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Looks like the ginger one is starting to back down over not selecting Becks for England, I think Lennon is more exciting on the wing than Becks but Lennon does not have that quality pass. I would at least have Becks in the squad.


England coach Steve McClaren concedes David Beckham's current form has given him a problem.


Beckham has not played for his country since relinquishing the captaincy after the World Cup finals, but remains available for selection.


After a couple of impressive performances for Real Madrid in recent weeks, there has been a clamour for him to be recalled for England's Euro 2008 qualifiers with Israel and Andorra next month.


McClaren is happy to see the midfielder back to form and is keeping an open mind about including Beckham in his next squad.


"It gives me a problem, but it's one of the problems you welcome, players putting pressure on and performing well in their clubs," McClaren told Sky Sports News.


"It's a problem I'd rather have than not have, so it will be interesting."


The England boss also praised the manner in which Beckham has responded from being told he would not play for Real again to having a major impact in the 3-2 UEFA Champions League win over Bayern Munich on Tuesday.


"That's all you get from David Beckham, a reaction from every adversity he has gone through in his career," added McClaren.


"He has always bounced back, has always been professional and got on with the job.


"It's pleasing to see. A month ago he would never play for Real Madrid again and there he is starring in the game against Bayern Munich and being man of the match."

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i agree


bring back beckham


lennon should used as an impact sub.


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Guest TampaToon

i've gotta say i've come to respect him as a person since the whole world suddenly turned on him.  he's been nothing but class after bearing an unreasonable level of blame for england's play in the world cup and being told by 2 managers in the most public of forums that he'd never play for them again.  he's held his head high and forced both men to re-think by working hard rather than whining in the media like others might have...


then again, i guess a $250m contract will make you a very forgiving guy.

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IMO getting rid of Beckham is one of the few things McClaren has done right. Perhaps he was wrong to right him off totally and axe him from contention even for squads but he had to get him out of the team.


I'm very surprised and disappointed as to how little it has taken for McClaren to backtrack. Firstly, the apparent man in waiting Lennon has yet to get a start on the right hand side (Memory serves he's played Gerrard on the right, 532, and SWP), and secondly, I've seen 2 of the 3 games Beckham has played in since his glorious comeback. First one was no more than alright (Altho he did score), second one he did absolutely fuck all and was very lucky to not be on the losing side - Didn't see the game last night but I understand he played well. I know McClaren is under pressure after some shite results/performances but he is doing himself no favours with this display of spinelessness (I really doubt that's a word!). He should be challenging him to be doing a WHOLE LOT more than he has done - not chatting shite about bouncing back, and he certainly shouldn't be saying he's putting him under pressure. He's done absolutely fuck all compared to some of the other players fighting to get an England shirt and the man you axed him for hasn't had a chance? The England manager has to make tough decisions and stick by them, not almost make tough decisions then backtrack as soon as things go wrong. Getting rid of Beckham was the right desicion IMO - but he has to do more than that (Get rid of Lampard) if he wants this side to start playing and winning. But some people don't like it and they would rather have all the big names in the England side? Sven mark 2 might as well get "I'm a shite spineless smirky cunt" tattooed across his forehead... :uglystupid2:

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The pressure on an England manager is far greater than the pressure of club management, and it just looks to me like McLaren is floundering. He's had no significant record of success at club management, and so his confidence must be a bit brittle. The media start to get behind Beckham after a couple of good games and suddenly he starts to doubt his original decision.


I've seen the pressure get to most England managers eventually, but never as quickly as with McLaren.

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Guest WalkervilleMag

just a shite press campaign to get him back in the squad, after neally 1 year of totaly slagging him off.


Personaly, he has been absolute pants for England for nealy 4 years, and 2 decent games for Madrid aint going to cover that up.


Let him go. not good enough for England

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