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Big Sam Type Players......................


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Sorry for another Sam thread but I think this warrants its own....................................


Been thinking about our midfield and came to the the conclusion that, for different reasons, most of them are probably 'big sam' type players but for very different reasons. By that, I mean players you wouldn't have been surprised to see turn up at Bolton or in another Big Sam managed team.


Led me to thinking about our main squad players and came to the following conclusions:-




Given - Sam likes a reliable keeper and has a high opinion of Jaskaleinan (sp) but, at our level, you can't do any better than Shay. He's a top professional too.


Harper - Sam may see Harper as expendable if he needs to generate funds. If not, a steady No.2 who isn't gonna be banging his door down.


Krul - Potential. Ideal to be loaned out.




Carr - In some respects I see him as a Bolton type signing (i.e: wrong side of 30, his stock has fallen over the years etc) but then when Sam see's his fitness level in pre-season coupled with his supposed attitude problem I think he'll be away.


Babayaro - Again, could be seen as a Bolton type buy when we got him. Relatively cheap (£1m signing for us iirc) not too old and with some pedigree. Obviously he's died on his arse with us and needs more reviving than a cardiac arrest victim. I think Sam might fancy his chances of doing that if funds are tight. His man-management skills will be needed here as much as anywhere.


Bramble - Again! A Bolton type buy (in fact I think a few of us had him down to go there as a Sam type player). I reckon he might just keep him you know. We've said it a million times, he's got all the physical attributes to be a great defender but his head lets him down so much, so regularly and he's had so many chances, under so many Managers. Who knows?


Taylor - He has lots of potential and he won't be unknown to Allardyce. I think he'll end up starting next season on the bench as Sam will look for two experienced centre halves. It wouldn't surprise me if he's a shock sale next year actually.


Gooch - Has Sam seen enough of him to judge? He's still young for a centre half but Sam will probably feel like he could be developed/coached into a good player.


Moore - He's off to Aus in the summer iirc so won't be an issue





Solano - Right back or Right Mid? I'm not sure how Sam will see him. His experience will be in his favour I would think given that we have quite a young side. Again, it wouldn't surprise me if he is a casualty of the Allardyce reign given that he'll probably be after a RB and see Milner as his right winger.


Milner - I think Sam will like his workrate, attitude etc. Can't see why he would get rid perhaps only if he didn't fit into Sams chosen system but he's a versatile enough player.


Duff - Again, a player in need of rejuvenation. I reckon Sam will love him personally. I get the impression he's the kind of lad that needs an arm around the shoulder and Sam will have that in his locker as well as shouting and balling at players.


N'Zogbia - See Milner minus the good attitude. Perhaps a floggable asset if Sam needs to generate funds.


Emre - I think Sam could see him as a Djorkaeff/Okocha type player in that (in the correct system) he could be a play maker. He's never had the right system in my opinion and he's been let down by Parkers inability to know whether he's there to attack or defend.


Parker - I think Sam will use him. How I don't know.


Butt - Funny one is Nicky cos he's got a Sam Allardyce signing written all over him. I think he'll keep him on for another year for his experience until he moulds the playing squad his way. A top trainer apparently and Sam will appreciate his fitness levels/professionalism.


Dyer - I'm not sure Sam will appreciate the amount of money he's on compared to his contribution to the side over the years and his god awful injury history. I'd see him either loving Dyer and flogging him straight away. He might not like his apparent aversion to playing out of position because the obvious position for Dyer in Sams 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 would be as a wide forward.




Sib - I reckon Allardyce will get rid. Too old, too slow and not really needed after a summer of strengthening.


Luque - Will Sam appreciate his qualities or see him as unworthy of the effort given the fact he's off to the Dutch league? He's not got the heart or workrate needed for the EPL and I think that will precipitate his definite departure this summer.


Owen - One of the country's finest forwards, which Manager wouldn't play him in a side like ours? Given his injury record, his contractual situation and his questionable long term commitment it would be a risk to build a side around him. I think he'll look to keep him though.


Martins - The big question on Martins is what system suits him best and how does that relate to the way Sam wants us to play. Thats the big question for me. I think his unfortunate inconsistency might see him depart. Shame.


Amoebi - I reckon Sam will love old Shola. Good attitude, willing worker and prepared to take a hit for the cause. I reckon he'll further bulk him up and look to make him a young Kevin Davies.



I've purposely not mentioned the likes of Edgar, Huntingdon, Ramage and Co who are likely to be loaned out and I've based my opinions on Allardyces previous approach at Bolton (this could be entirely wrong but I assumed what he likes in a player won't significantly change).


Anyway, thoughts?.....................

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Thing is by the sounds of it from what I was told these are players that want away and not a case of Sam wanting shot of them..


The thing is Skirge, things are going to change dramatically at the club when Sam gets his hands on it. Some of those that want away now might love it and stay and some of those who are settled might hate it and go.


Regardless, there's not that many that are good enough to dictate to the club tbh.


I wouldn't be that arsed who left at the minute.

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i think marins will stay tbh. Allardyce will like his hard-working attitude. Dyer well Sam doesn't like wasters like him and i think he'll be off. Baba is too lazy and so is Carr, so i think that they are off. Bramble is difficult because Sam has always had a bruiser for a CB compared to a much cleverer Stopper so who knows where he will be. Imo hes already gone to Portsmouth. Id like to see Parker off and Butt too but im not sure if he will keep them.

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Interesting thread. One thing to think about, out of his 21 staff at Bolton he must have had a decent scouting network, so if he's got any sense he'll have walked out with a big long list of well researched targets. At least that way if we do have a big clear out (or just do a lot of shopping) there's a good chance we'll buy well.

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I think that Dyer would be a definate go, being super-optimistic Luque might be turned into a flair-player but I guess it's likely that these two players, Dyer and Luque would go. I don't think Onyewu will have the time to prove himself(he's not our player anyway).

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Guest nufc_geordie
Allardyce will like his hard-working attitude.
when talking about Martins?


Sorry mate, but you've been watching a different player to me this season!

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Allardyce will like his hard-working attitude.
when talking about Martins?


Sorry mate, but you've been watching a different player to me this season!


....But Martins is clearly hardworking. Not always effective and we often can't get the ball to him but his workrate is pretty good imo.

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If we revert to a 4-5-1 or 4-3-3 I can see Luque staying and Dyer getting shipped out tbh.


Dyer to spurs for around 4million if we are lucky. Ideally Joey Barton to replace him for about the same figure.


Owen out for Anelka


I'd love it if we could get both Ben Haim and Distin but i'll settle for one for now can't be too greedy

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