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Captain this season

Dan Gleebals

who do you want?  

108 members have voted

  1. 1. who do you want?

    • Given
    • Taylor
    • Boumsong
    • Moore
    • Elliott
    • Babayaro
    • Carr
    • Parker
    • Emre
    • Butt
    • Ameobi
    • Solano
    • Faye
    • other

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Does anyone know who this is likely to be yet?


I think it will probably come down to Parker or Given.  I would prefer Scotty as I think a captain is always more influential in the middle of the field.


Your thoughts?


P.S BIG IF, Beckam did come in, would it be right to just give it to him for example?

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Guest TheOrder

Parker. If Moore was a few years younger, I would choose Moore, but Parker is definatly captain material.



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Guest toonelaide

I'm pretty sure it will be Scott Parker. It's unlikely that it would go to a new signing, though perhaps it would if they are an already established leader.

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Guest Toon83

Its got to be Scott Parker no questions asked, it would be a bad idea and a kick in the teeth for Scotty if a new signing was given the arm band

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Guest Invicta_Toon

i was about to link it to this thread, it was the reason i started it


your too bloody quick man!

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Guest alftupper



Hope to hell he never darkens our door, and even if he did he should never be put in a position of authority again. He was a tosser as a captain of England, Ameobi should be considered before Beckham - in fact Luque should be considered before him.

Rant over.................................

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Solano or Moore. I'd prefer someone who I'd like to see in the team every week.


Not that it matter that much anyway, what we really need are a few natural leaders across all areas of the pitch, the actual captain doesn't matter in the slightest. Gary Speed was our best leader on the pitch throughout the time Shearer was the actual captain.

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