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  1. I'm not sure I've seen that yet, I'll have to add it to my list.
  2. Just started re-watching the Dennis Potter series Pennies from Heaven with a young and still hirsute Bob Hoskins. It's a bizarre mix of song and dance and dark drama, comedy and romance. Singing Detective is still my favourite of the Potter Dramas but I'm going to watch them all again (well the trilogy anyway) so maybe my ranking will change.
  3. Steely Dan Slightly obssesed with them at the moment, great albums from 1972's Can't Buy a Thrill right through to 1977's Aja or even 1980's Gaucho. It's just the perfect slightly lazy working from home music I've just been going through their 7 great albums every day over and over...
  4. Doh! Yep I meant Invincible, clearly getting mixed up with The Incredibles there... I'll check out the comics thread, cheers
  5. I started watching Invincible, I got almost to the end of the first episode thinking I probably wouldn't watch the second as I was finding it pretty dull. When it was finished I thought, maybe I will watch the second episode Hopefully we don't get much more of the teen drama stuff... Has anyone else seen it?
  6. I've been interested in Greek history for a long time, loved the Spartans as a kid and a few years ago (probably 10 or more TBH) I picked up a copy of the Histories of Herodotus and then bought a bunch of other things like Thucydides, obviously Homer and the tragedians. But I think during lockdown I've become a lot more more focused in my reading, since I've had more time on my hands. So I'll read something, enjoy it and end up picking up everything else by the author when I can get them cheap. Honestly, I can spend hours browsing 2nd hand bookshops, online and in person.
  7. Getting into the ancient Roman histories now. Started off with Sallust's Catiline's War, The Jugurthine War & Histories fragments after Vinny's recommendation above, really enjoyed it, especially when I started reading an old companion PDF I downloaded alongside. His overarching thesis is very critical of the late republic and blames its decline on greed and avarice, and the hubris of the rich and powerful. Not much has changed eh? From there I started on Tacitus, I'm currently reading his Annals not all of which is extant. He's a historian very much in the Thucydid
  8. What does that mean? I still have it on my (long) watchlist, is it terrible?
  9. Still going through Blood of Zeus and Primal Blood of Zeus I feel is a missed opportunity they seem to be caught between two stones, they want to use some ancient greek mythology, well at least some of the players but the words they put into their mouths well basically, they can't write for shit. I get it they want to appeal to a teenage or at least a younger audience and that they're fresh from writing some Castlevania anime series and I suppose I was asking too much for it to be vaguely in keeping with greek mythology. It touches on some of the characters and the broad strokes of
  10. Power to you, I guess it hinges on whether you like/ can tolerate Big Zuu. It certainly is different from anything I've ever seen, it reminds me more of stuff I've seen on YouTube, maybe that's what they're going for.
  11. Seriously? I caught about 2 minutes of it by accident and it looked hideous. I'm guessing I'm not their target audience. What do you like about it?
  12. I've started watching a couple of animated series. Blood of Zeus - Like many I love ancient Greek Mythology (though not necessarily anime) and thought this would be right up my street. The animation was so so, the story cliched but tehn I'm only on the first episode so I'll give it afew more. Enjoyed the battle between the gods and giants, that was weird. (NetFlix) Primal - Prehistoric romp by Genndy Tartakovsky the guy behind Samurai Jack among other things and it's in that style, the animation is very intense and cool, the plot is as brutal as you'd hope Looks
  13. I've just finished Series 2 of both The Mandalorian and What We Do in the Shadows Mandalorian was entertaining enough, too much action, not enough character development fo me. Also that ending was extrememly cloying. Plus that bit at the end, what was that all about? WWDITS again was entertaining but felt a bit like a retread, very few good new ideas. Still funny but I think it needs something to spice it up a bit, I wonder if Danny DeVito has any space in his diary
  14. Horace right now, after a bit more Cicero (letters) Really enjoying Horace. He's the most sensible and level headed poet in the Roman canon (so far) but it's not that he's boring, he's just great company. Charming, erudite, wise, humble (especially after Cicero) and above all entertaining. I've been reading a variety of translations, Penguin classics and the David Ferry's editions and the more I read the more I enjoy him, the epistles so far are a real favourite.
  15. Bojack Season 6, I'm relieved it's the last series to be honest. Feel slightly guilty about that relief since it's been a good show but damn... Sunny Season 14? It's Sunny, what more can I Philadelphia?
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