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  1. Wales unbeaten since Giggs left, much like his wife.
  2. What's the deal with helium, is it going up?
  3. No more parmo and chips: 'Embarrassing' posters removed after heavy criticism of promo campaign Middlesbrough Council has taken down a number of the posters after the mayor admitted they were 'inappropriate and ill conceived' https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/news/teesside-news/no-more-parmo-chips-embarrassing-20829418
  4. England have a 70% win rate on the BBC but only 16% on ITV, winning just 4 matches broadcast on it in normal time since 1998.
  5. Printed for a mate to remind him to have diamond hands on his Dogecoin.
  6. BlueStar


    Shouldn't even give the stupid cunt attention, but here's a stupid cunt anyway.
  7. Think its quite a common misconception, its in the FAQ on their site.
  8. Turns out Walkers crisps never reversed the colours of their cheese and onion and salt and vinegar packs, they've always been blue and green respectively.
  9. Aren't those the places that got the monorail before Springfield?
  10. BlueStar


    In what way is it a "political organ"? https://www.politifact.com/who-pays-for-politifact/
  11. There's a few things they think it might be, one of which is vocal chord dysfunction, which might make sense because I've had a weird job where I had to talk really fast for 15 years. Typically when they put a camera down to look for that it was on a day where I was fine, and they won't let me just rock up for another look on a day when it's bad. After the allergy tests came back I asked if I could try the allergy injections my sister has to have for her breathing issues but I don't qualify apparently. Not sure what you need to do to actually qualify for that. Lungs always sound fine, so doe
  12. BlueStar


    Thing is, as soon as they can find someone with real qualifications (even if they're massively exaggerated in some cases, like Mike Yeadon becoming "former vice president of pfizer" when he was actually just the vice president of one lab that was mothballed a decade ago - basically an assistant head of department) suddenly "You have to listen to Kary Mullis because he invented the PCR test". Well yeah, but he also thought the idea HIV causes AIDS is a hoax and took a load of acid which sent him a bit nuts. How come suddenly a guy is the be-all and end-all because he said something the antiva
  13. BlueStar


    Good analysis of this one here https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2021/jun/16/youtube-videos/no-sign-covid-19-vaccines-spike-protein-toxic-or-c/
  14. Absolutely shit at the moment, my breathing is abysmal, constantly like trying to suck a thick milkshake through a straw. Not just that I can't exercise or play sports, can't even sit and watch a film or read a book because I can't concentrate on anything while gasping for breath. And nobody seems willing to help me with it, they send me for tests, find exactly what they're looking for (large unexplained mass in my chest, allergy tests which come back positive for everything) and then nothing actually comes of it. Got referred to the RVI, they got sick of not being able to diagnose me, put
  15. It's just in case the final goes to pennes.
  16. I'm sure I read that porn site algorithms rank videos based on what video was playing when the visitor closed the tab, so maybe it's the opposite.
  17. Some decent stuff announced. Monkey Ball remake pack is welcome, Advance Wars I'm not sure about the 3D models over sprites, looks pretty cheap and cheesy.
  18. Check your cat food! https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/06/16/shops-recall-pet-food-potential-link-outbreak-rare-fatal-cat/
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