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  1. He's finally looked at his phone, was a guy about 10 rows in front of him apparently.
  2. Not responding to messages or answering his phone but then that's pretty typical of him...
  3. Cheers lads, he's only a few rows from the back so helpfully not his area.
  4. Any idea where about in the East Stand it was? My dad and his mate are there.
  5. BlueStar

    Hip hop fans

    Arthurs Hill radgies starting to do drill.
  6. Sent the entire Watford defence to the fucking shadow realm.
  7. He's the one who warned us about the dangers of cake. Horrible thing to happen, no matter what his politics.
  8. And their social media lad getting sacked after having too many cans and telling everyone who had a problem with it to fuck right off
  9. Bring back the Mag Pie, the proper big square meat and potato one. Stop executing people for witchcraft and/or sorcery.
  10. BlueStar

    Steve Bruce

    Right, that's it, I don't like them. Bring back Ashley.
  11. BlueStar

    Saudi Arabia

    Maybe this is why they chose us and not, say Everton? "There's a five year thread on this forum about how barbaric and medieval we are" "Hmm. That's annoying. Buy the club? "Sure" "Did it work?" "Yeah, they've renamed it."
  12. Seems like an old thread of "Mike Ashley - Amazing Guy" should be paired with...
  13. Also decided to give a lecture in morality in an article she was paid for by The Sun...
  14. It's mad how important it seemed to me at the time to have the current shirt with the right sponsor,
  15. Well remembered, that was it
  16. There was one in the 90s where we changed from McEwans to Brown Ale or something after the kits launched and they were giving out iron on blue stars to people who already bought them
  17. I agree but it seemed like it was just presenting it as something someone else had said rather than agreeing with it. I think
  18. BlueStar

    Wor Flags

    Ask to bring this one in again to see how true it is that Saudi Arabia isn't in control of the club.
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