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  1. In order of urgency. 1) Get someone with footballing knowledge in to run that part of the club, a DOF. Get a new manager and his team in. Focus on the first team. Strengthen in January. Stay up this year! Get to work on the facilities, the team, academy etc.. 2) ……….. 3) Profit
  2. No worries: For supporters who have already purchased personalised Callum Wilson or Joelinton home shirts, simply return the shirt with proof of purchase to the new St. James' Park club store and Castore will kindly supply a replacement in the same size with the updated squad number.
  3. lQmmel

    New TV Deal

    No more shitty 12pm Sundays then! Not necessarily - they can still deviate from the times above based on police/health and safety advice etc. But in the main aye, shouldn’t be any. No more 3pm Saturdays either?
  4. That was quick. But I managed to get two tickets. Thanks everyone for all your help in this thread. I look forward to the game!
  5. Thanks, spotted it yesterday. Plane and hotel sorted :-) Hope the home-form improves ;-)
  6. Thanks a lot for the replies, it helps a lot. It sounds very likely that the game will be moved to Friday and I think we will try to look out for the announcements before booking flights and hotel.
  7. Hi guys, I have a couple of questions. Me and the wife are thinking about traveling to Newcastle for this match (from Denmark). We plan to arrive on Thursday or Friday and go back Sunday or Monday. I have a couple of questions some of you might be able to help me clear up: 1) How likely would you think it is that the game could be moved? Neither team is in any cup competition, but as it is Easter is there a risk some of the holidays could be chosen instead? (e.g. because of TV) 2) Would you think it is possible to get two tickets on general sale? As it is Easter, could the game be sold ou
  8. Yeah the Cock and Lion will be rammed with Toon fans,quite a small space but not child friendly fwiw Thanks for the advice, I'll ask the wife if they want to see the game with me and then maybe find something a little more family friendly If you want a place near the London eye then there's a sports bar right in waterloo train station which is next to the london eye. Like others have said, so many places will be showing the game, if you cross over waterloo bridge (from the south side to the north) and keep walking in that direction you're walking into covent garden area, tons of
  9. Hey thanks for all the replys. I didn't know about the area so this helps a lot. I think I'll see if I can find The Cock and Lion and maybe watch with other Newcastle fans and without the family
  10. I'm over in London this weekend (live in Copenhagen) and didn't bother much about this game a week ago. But things change Anyone know about a pub in London where the match will be shown? Preferably a nicer place near the centre/around London Eye, where I can bring the wife and kids. Thanks in advance.
  11. Liverpool 3-2 Everton Chelsea 2-0 Aston Villa Crystal Palace 1-1 Leicester Hull 1-3 Man City Man Utd 3-1 West Ham Southampton 2-0 QPR Sunderland 0-1 Swansea Arsenal 4-2 Spurs West Brom 1-0 Burnley Stoke 1-1 Newcastle
  12. QPR 1-1 Stoke Villa 0-2 Arsenal Burnley 1-2 Sunderland Newcastle 1-0 Hull Swansea 2-1 Soton West Ham 0-2 Liverpool Leicester 1-2 Man U Spurs 3-0 West Brom Everton 2-0 C Palace Man City 4-2 Chelsea
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