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  1. Getting interesting now,things happening behind the scenes ,watch this space,Ashby done tomorrow, keep the faith.
  2. Gordon has been on the radar for a while ,pleased it's been done,Ashby should also be done soon,couple of other deals bubbling away so see what materizes, could be a busy end to the window
  3. Sorry boys hold my hands up but Anderson was due to start
  4. To be fair the info I got I passed on,I unfortunately can't negotiate with other clubs to release their players,we,re a big fish now and some clubs are reluctant to loan out their players to us
  5. Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day from what I'm hearing
  6. More to follow,extremely busy,keep the faith.
  7. Not long now boys,things heating up.
  8. Ando7

    Sven Botman

    Just the start boys ,let the commencement commence
  9. Like I said medicals booked in,more to come ,keep the faith
  10. not long now,medicals booked in
  11. Big things bubbling away in the background,carlos was always gonna have to have come in jan if he was gonna sign,kamara they didn't fancy at the end ,gonna be a great summer,trust the process,keep the faith.
  12. Stand by for a surprise before close of play Monday,if all goes to plan.
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