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  1. I have a number 4 shirt from the1950’s which was probably joe Harvey’s. It has a Stan Seymour label and hidden underneath that is another label which says ‘designed by Matt Busby’. Apparently he designed shirts for a couple of years
  2. 2 emails and a tweet to Kevin Jones and not a word in reply. I won’t give up on him!
  3. I'm 63 and have been watching the toon for 55 years.He is the best nufc keeper I have seen
  4. As I said weeks ago,Kenyon and his consortium ‘have funds to buy the club and take it forward ‘. As far as I’m informed nothing has changed and talks are still ongoing
  5. that sounds disconcertingly vague Thats a direct quote.Sorry but I have no more I can give you
  6. Like I said earlier,he has the funds in place to buy and take the club forward.Can only assume they are negotiating details of the deal ,which is where I have my own concerns because of Ashley
  7. As someone who is also on here a lot, but doesn't post much, I will point out that Wor Tony has the following stats: Total Time Spent Online:47 days, 3 hours and 38 minutes Total Posts: 48 posts And registered: Tuesday 30 August 2005, 05:34:46 am So it's not like he's come from nowhere. Cheers, Tony. I appreciate you chiming in whether it turns out to be utter bollocks or not. Cheers stlouismag I'm 63 and have watched the toon for 55 years and despite watching much worse on the pitch I have never been so disillusioned Like many others,if FCB stays and Rafa goes I'm going t
  8. Cheers huss9 I rarely post but for once I genuinely thought I had something to add of value
  9. livid, but not put off I hope? does he seem to have a grand plan for the club? Still in talks and they have been for quite a while.Kenyon is the front man for the consortium so I doubt he has the final say. The words I was told was they have'sufficient funds to take the club forward'
  10. Yes both of them! I'm just telling you what I've been told from 2 friends who know him well The only other thing I know is that he will be hands on and will replace Charnley
  11. Kenyon is genuine and has sufficient funds to buy the club and take it forward.He was livid with Ashley going public
  12. Thought you couldn’t register with 3 clubs in one season
  13. dont suppose anyone can suggest a bar in Pisa where i might get to watch the game?
  14. tonygreen

    Loïc Remy

    yeah football is almost dead for me too the sad reality is ,other than saylor,there is probably no one in a black and white shirt who really loves it like we do
  15. tonygreen

    Loïc Remy

    Of course we have a plan B,and C,but we cant make clubs sell
  16. Cheers.I was there a couple of years ago and it was class then too
  17. Im going to be in New York for the Fulham game.Is Legends still the place to go to watch it? Cheers
  18. tonygreen

    Hatem Ben Arfa

    totally understand where youre coming from cajun.despite my many years of watching the toon i still feel exactly the same this is definitely the best squad we have ever had
  19. tonygreen

    Hatem Ben Arfa

    maybe i am biased but thats only cos i witnessed the genius of th man.and before im jumped on for living in the past,im not cos i really believe we are assembling, and not far away from having, the best team ive ever seen us have having said that ,no one has ever blown me away like tony green did
  20. tonygreen

    Hatem Ben Arfa

    sorry mate but i cant agree.Green had so much more to his game and was the nearest ive ever seen to a one man team.do love hatem though!
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