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  1. I was so looking forward to it. Sadly something has come up. If you know anyone who wants a couple for nowt in the front row……
  2. Got two tickets for the talk in tonight at Yarm. Front row as well. Can’t make it if anyone wants them
  3. Wonder where we would have been if the takeover has went through in the close season
  4. If anyone knows of any tickets going please let me know. A colleague from Ireland is across and was desperate to take his son.
  5. Same here. Do it every day. Horrible fella
  6. Totally thick question. A fella I work with in Northern Ireland has got me two tickets for this as he’s best friends with one of the BHA players. What’s the chances these aren’t in the away end? Is there like a players section or anything?
  7. If it’s Alex Neil, let’s hope it’s as resounding a success as the last former Preston Manager they hired. All together ‘we’ve got Simon Grayson’
  8. ianovthetoon

    Jesse Lingard

    Not 100% but I would imagine the loan fee would go down as operational expenditure as it’s got no value whilst permanent signings are classed as capital expenditure which depreciate over the length of the contract.
  9. Imagine if we beat them 10-0, passed their records on attendance and titles in the same season. I reckon it would finish most of them off completely
  10. I’ve got some good friends who are mackems. We have great banter. Even a group chat set up where we give each other dogs abuse. But when it comes down to it they actually wish us well (through gritted teeth) because they know in the long term it will benefit them through interest in the north east football scene. It’s good craic. I’ve taken plenty abuse from them (not as much as I’ve given). That’s what it’s all about. Football is a hobby, a side interest from the usual stuff like work and family. If it consumes them that much that they have to try miserably to manipulate Middle East geopolitics to score a few points then they probably need some sort of help.
  11. Like how the NUFC thread is about ‘sportswashing’. Scruffy fuckers don’t even know what washing is. Signing Ba’ath is the nearest most of them have come in their lifetimes
  12. I think i would celebrate that more than a Newcastle trophy win
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