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  1. Another midfielder is definitely needed based on performance tonight.
  2. Did they just say there wasn't enough evidence for the handball so therefore goal disallowed? To echo the post above, what is the point of VAR in this instance. From one angle it looks like it rolls up his arm and the second angle looks like its his thigh.
  3. Same - realised after I had clicked as well
  4. Plenty of interest in him, seems like West Ham offered €20m recently (variable fees to reach that with a % of future fee back to CAP) but initially a loan with obligation to buy. You would think with bringing Ings in that maybe changed their focus. He is very highly rated with Scolari saying in 2-3 years he will be world class.
  5. I agree - if we can get the reported £3m plus his wages off the books then should give us a bit of a boost for this month or summer dealings. He looked like he was going to contribute this season until the injuries, but despite focusing on his nutrition and fitness it is probably came a bit too late in his career and you'd imagine would only get worse the older he gets.
  6. robbo_11

    Ryan Fraser

    His agency have links to Southampton, Everton, Brentford, Leicester, Aston Villa, Leeds, Norwich, Blackburn and Watford. It was reported he was looking for a new club with a preference to go down south so could imagine they've been exploring the Southampton, Brentford, Norwich and Watford opportunities although might be depending on other business like Sarr and Diaz outgoings.
  7. As @JNK said will be interesting to see what happens with Roque, good reviews from CAP fans. Checked in with a friend who is also a Flamengo fan (theree will be a bias here) who said Franca is an excellent player, but can try to much at times suggesting he is going to be raw. I wouldn't read to much into the photo and airport link shared by the ITK accounts, very much doubt that airport had connections to Newcastle.
  8. In the Deadline Day Sky Documentary there is part where they show the Dubravka deal to Man United. The club were looking to get rid of him on a permanent deal as opposed to a loan deal, but Man United didn't want to do that. Given how this has turned out to see him back here after celebrating the move just goes to show the role agents play in the game. It's an interesting watch for those that are intrigued by the behind the scenes stuff.
  9. He made a rod for his own back with a 10 minute spell of poor decisions, should have had a word with captains to calm the game rather than let it get too scrappy.
  10. Given the amount of strikes in multiple sectors it is probably just to avoid being slammed for blaming anyone for the re-arrangement. I think another club had to postpone a match due to rail strikes, but it was a similarly bland statement.
  11. I think Portugal was mentioned as most likely destination prior to the World Cup, but it might be that he has caught the eye of other clubs. You would imagine if it is Portugal it might be a club like Sporting Braga, Vitoria Guimaraes or Rio Ave who are in and around the top half of the table, but not quite your Benfica or Porto.
  12. That tweet seems to have watched the podcast about Velez and made their tweet from that. I'm not sure if any Spanish speakers on here, but around 8 minutes in they are discussing if Perrone is a done deal.
  13. robbo_11

    Alexander Isak

    Trippier just seems like he is cut from a different cloth, probably that leadership role as well give the situation we found ourselves in. It seems like once Bruce left we had a team that want to be coached, but motivation levels were all over the place. We've only seen Isak briefly, the transfer sort of came out of the blue and hopefully in the second half of the season we can bed him into the team. Oddly despite such a great first half of the season I don't think he will have been involved in a game we've won yet so surely the best is yet to come for him!
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