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    Lenny’s Lasses

    Tattoos on women is the most unattractive thing ever.
  2. I love how he got the part because he was the only extra that could use the espresso machine. He was a big part of my childhood, RIP Gunther.
  3. No need to with multi-account users. Happy to discuss with others.
  4. Didn't know we still allowed multiple accounts, yet here Joey Linton still is.
  5. Ask North East based companies if they have vans going to London on other transports. You might get it cheaper if they were already prepared for an empty return trip.
  6. I feel like people are heavily overrating our current crop of players. Bar a select few most of our players would be better suited for Championship teams at best.
  7. Pic of Shak showing his TV Show collection
  8. This is apropos nothing, but the best games to win money on are the fringe games in shit leagues where the odds are fairly even but the bookies have local expertise that actually know which sides are the favorites (but they don't need to cover their bases due to people not betting on them). Not sure how to properly explain but after I started doing commercials for a betting company, by god, I've been fed some good information every now and then
  9. Osasuna holding on would've netted me a £430 accumulator win, alas, fuck my life.
  10. He's employed at the moment, he's not gonna go out and say "of course I'd go to Newcastle if they asked" in the event that doesn't come to pass. Overmars has been on his way out for a while with Arsenal being interested and everything, so it's a different scenario and a very different position. Don't think the Ajax fans would be happy with Ten Hag if he said he'd want to leave, but Overmars is "just" a suit.
  11. I see Unibet still has him at 51
  12. Put £10 on Ten Hag @ 51.00
  13. IIRC it was reported he'd do double duty until after the WC if he got appointed.
  14. I need two more touchdowns and at least a field goal to win £340, so fuck this bullshit.
  15. Kaizero

    Lenny’s Lasses

    Imagine watching this movie with @Tomato Deuceand @Super Duper Branko Strupar
  16. Not in VG at least, there he appeared very complimentary to Bodø/Glimt but shat on his own players still.
  17. What is this humble Mourinho? "The result being 6-1 doesn't matter that much, as after 3-1 the match was lost. Every time they had the ball in front of the box they scored a goal. It's my own fault, I had good intentions with our approach to the match but underestimated the opposition. Glimt showed that they were better than we thought and the better team won today." Oh, wait, there it is: "It was a shock. I overestimated my own players as well."
  18. Only two goals away from it being Roma's biggest loss in history
  19. The best part is that people can't even say "well they didn't start with their full strength side". They subbed in their best players when 2-1 down at half time and then went on to lose the next half 4-0
  20. This is the first time a team managed by Jose Mourinho has conceded six or more.
  21. Botheim scores three and assist the other three. He used to be so shit before Bodø got him
  22. Kjetil Knutsen is a magician, they sell the players that scored like 90% of their goals last season and essentially slot in the youth players that were their backups and the system just keeps working. Every player knows exactly what they're meant to do in their position and it's great to watch as all they do is attack attack attack no matter who they play against. Not to say the players aren't doing well, they are, but this is a prime example of a well drilled system being more important than any one individual player.
  23. Mkhitaryan has an annual wage more than Bodø/Glimt's entire annual budget.
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