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  1. Yeah, this is good. Bit of Bioshock, bit of Dishonored, bit of Hitman, a lot of Groundhog Day.
  2. Because it's only about the US increasing the military capability of an ally near the South China Sea. Canada, France, and Germany are the other side of the world, and New Zealand aren't interested. Not sure what's in it for the UK, I think we're only tagging along because we're running out of mates.
  3. You probably won't seeing as it's not finished yet.
  4. Excellent, that was another one that was in my bundle but I'd never heard of.
  5. That's got nothing to do with the food, it's because you're eating two portions of rice at a time.
  6. Finally snagged a PS5 after about ten months. Had to get a bundle, but just realised the Ghost of Tsushima I was going to Ebay is actually a directors cut, so I'll probably play through it again.
  7. Looks like a cross between Endgame Thor and Ron Swanson.
  8. I'm done. It's like trying to reason with the "if you let gay people get married then does that mean I can marry my cat" brigade.
  9. If it's like religion, do you think being trans is a choice too?
  10. I'm better off getting a massive greasy pizza delivered straight to my door.
  11. In the mood for pizza now, just ordered my first Dominos since I left the US.
  12. I like the way you "smashed" the sausage roll into neat little cubes.
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