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  1. fuhg

    MLB 2022

    Jomboy's great.
  2. fuhg

    MLB 2022

    Yep, it's essentially that you think you have a better chance of getting the next guy in the batting line-up out without causing too much damage. This can be due to a number of reasons (the pitcher being stronger against left- or right-handed batters, the guy being walked being in particularly good form/having a particularly good history against that pitcher, etc.). There may also be an element of superstition involved (particularly so in this case. Albert Puyols played for the Angels for a number of years, and, whilst his legacy in Anaheim/LA may be mixed, he's started his stint with the Dodg
  3. fuhg

    MLB 2022

    The Angels intentionally walked the next batter up (Albert Pujols, #55), who then went straight to first base. The rules were changed at the beginning of the 2017 MLB season to remove the requirement to throw four balls when you want to intentionally walk someone, which is why you don't see any of his at-bat.
  4. fuhg

    Curb Your Enthusiasm

    I agree entirely but have the exact opposite feeling - I find S1-5 to be so much better than 6-10. He's far too annoying now.
  5. Revisiting after a good few years. Fantastic.
  6. John Lanchester wrote about UBI in the most recent issue of LRB. In it he referenced what you mention in your first paragraph. Relevant extract below: https://www.lrb.co.uk/v41/n14/john-lanchester/good-new-idea
  7. Found guilty of theft and grand larceny yesterday.
  8. fuhg

    The Shoe Council

    Veja V10 or V12s look good in black.
  9. fuhg


    I know at least two of the people in that video. They're canny.
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