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  1. I'm in bits here. All the PTSD from the Ashley years has suddenly appeared. Clinging to the fact that Howe will have them well prepared. Howay the lads!
  2. Can’t sleep and absolutely ill at the thought of this already. It’s going to be a long day
  3. Some overreactions in here I think. 15 unbeaten, league cup semi final to come and 10 days left of the transfer window where I’m sure we’ll strengthen. Decent point today I thought all things considered.
  4. tommo


    Is todays display really only a section of their badge? I can’t wait to see it
  5. I was there and although I didn’t witness anything really as I was upper tier a few of the lads did. Apparently the stewarding was horrendous, people getting sent the wrong way and there was very nearly a dangerous crush going in and sounded hairy at half time too.
  6. Love it me. Long may it continue!
  7. Out tomorrow? Article in the mag saying so.
  8. Totally disagree if there is some OTT display tomorrow. The occasion will be marked by the club anyways, no need for wor flags involvement surely? It’s a topic that a lot of people feel strongly about on both sides and personally thinks it will effect what wor flags are there to do…back the team.
  9. tommo

    Dogawful Officiating

    Worst of the lot that. Fucking appalling. It’s either a goal or a penalty. I can’t actually believe it. You can’t tell me that isn’t corruption.
  10. He’s sublime. Absolutely love him. So proud he’s our manager. Hope he takes us to a trophy. What a bloke.
  11. tommo

    Alexander Isak

    Total disgrace if this isn’t sorted by tonight.
  12. tommo

    Sean Longstaff

    I’d love him to be great but he’s just limited. Stands out as the weak link. Guess you will when replacing Bruno.
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