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  1. This man speaks so well and has such a great understanding of the game. Wouldn't want anyone else in charge of this club
  2. Ginola


    Absolute menace box to box. Really composed for his finish too which is maybe something he's missed previously
  3. Ginola

    Miguel Almirón

    Perfectly weighted pass for Big Jo's goal. Had a great game
  4. Ginola

    Dan Burn

    Never been more buzzing for someone to score a goal
  5. Think that loss in the FA Cup really rattled us. Worrying
  6. Tell me you're an idiot without telling me you're an idiot
  7. Fair play to Wednesday, very good performance from them. Don't think we played as badly as some are making out but it did highlight a real lack of depth in quality in our squad. Never good to go out but no extra games might help the rest of our season
  8. Kone or Sangare would be the one for me. Not seen much of Thuram but he seems the right mould. Blind faith and a love of Argentinians will always draw me back to Perrone though
  9. Woodgates only problem was how injury prone he was. If it wasn't for that he'd have been the best English centre back there'd been in years
  10. Has he not been widely regarded as the best CDM for years? If he's been underrated it's only been since he joined Man Utd due to price/age/manutdbeingcunts
  11. Aye, the quality and leadership Tripps offers is unmatched. He really marked the start of the revolution, which was why I picked him as my favourite player in that thread whenever it was
  12. £10m for Pope is so daft like. Can honestly say I didn't realise how good he is til he joined us
  13. Would love Perrone for us to get a cheaper option that develops in to a top class player, but wouldn't complain if we splashed out on Enzo who's already incredible, although I don't see us doing the latter. Either way, Chelsea can get in the bin
  14. In our last 9 league games we have 8 wins and 1 draw. In those games we've played Man Utd, Chelsea and Spurs and have scored 24 and only conceded 4. At this stage last season we had 1 win, a 1-0 win at Burnley. That's fucking insane EDIT: By 27th December, we'd only scored 19 last season
  15. Very professional performance that. Great win
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