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  1. The best chance we have at the minute is the PL suddenly deciding to settle out of court and push the takeover through. This could happen literally any day. I've taken a company to court over money and the judge told us to go outside and try and settle it in the waiting room, if we can't then he will continue. This was at the hearing so even though this takeover case is a much much bigger scale, there is every chance the PL get told "get a deal done out of court", even more so IF the evidence we have them really is that strong. The arbitration delay may have been caus
  2. Puma have made some lovely kits for this season. Miss them already.
  3. Santo. Not because he's shit, but because Levy will shit himself when they don't win for 5 games.
  4. Rafa straight in and signing decent players for 1990's money while Steve Bruce wanking himself off in his office over signing Hendrick on a free. Well yer knaw.
  5. That Barca kit I remember pissing myself at the shirt but man those shorts and socks! The top half of the shirt looks like it's been cut from a photo taken a lot further away than a photo of the bottom half of the shirt. It's just an utter fuck up, someone gets paid absurd amounts of money to make the decision and sign off on those decisions too
  6. Even if it does take ages this gives us more weight against any panel or judge I would think. Anyone who rules against it is simply delaying time as this is what is going to happen in the future. I think De Marco would use it to back up his claims and cases. Obviously he and not me know exactly the best way to go about that
  7. Interesting stuff from Tracey crouch and the independent football review. Nick de marco seems to like what he's hearing too. I think this could be the start that the entire PL and big 6 crumble. Also good news for our takeover as it would be out of the hands of the PL's O&D test.
  8. Norwich selling Buendia and possibly Cantwell would absolutely cripple them. Rumours around Aarons too. Crazy mother fuckers, do they not realise they've been promoted and not relegated
  9. I live in Norwich and those fuckers have been all the way down to League 1 and climbed all the way up again. In that time we've done absolutely fuck all and there is every chance Norwich will do the double over us this coming season. They've got Hanley at CB ffs and we're still not much better tactically
  10. Apparently there will be arbitration to decide if Staveley is or isn't married. Tune in to nufc matters and follow mouth of the tyne to find out the results. More information to come tomorrow on talksport.
  11. Someone had pointed out on twitter the statement from the club seems very "nice". I'm sure if this was completely the PL's doing, the club statement would be a lot more harsh as to deflect the blame away. Even the last one was pretty scathing.
  12. So everyone has been banging on about transparency. We don't get that with arbitration which would have happened first. Is it correct we do get to hear the juicy details with the CAT case? If so I find that quite interesting.
  13. Please don't take that Edwards article as gospel. He knows fuck all. Along with everyone else.
  14. But if we are flirting with relegation PIF will hold back. Exactly what the PL want and with Bruce in charge, they know there is every chance of it happening.
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