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  1. Caught a bit of talksport on the way home before turning it off swiftly, Jack Wiltshire (remember him?) saying we hate Bruce because of the Sunderland connection and we'll only make at most 3 signings this January. Darren Bent chipped in with a classic "they shouldn't go and get a top top manager now because it just wouldn't work"
  2. Surely if it was Lampard this would have all been settled days ago now, keeping Bruce in the job says to me they haven't decided on who they want or they are waiting for a DOF first.
  3. Favre would be pretty amazing. Never really seen his teams close up but he's been a name mentioned for a lot of jobs for a long while now, very well respected and highly thought of. Going to be so fucking good going from "How's the bacon did ye say" to inside forwards using a trequista to fill the channels and probe the defensive line using high pressing quick tempo fluid movement while maintaining a rigid defensive formation with a counter attacking balance.
  4. Haven't seen us mentioned on the BBC rumours page for an absolute age, just had a look and we're mentioned in the first 6 articles Good times baby
  5. Spoke to my Brentford supporting mate tonight as McParland previously worked there. He said he was sacked from there (and Rangers) for leaking stuff to the media. Not sure if exactly true but worrying if so.
  6. Think we'll get Coutinho. Makes a lot of sense, Barca need the money, he's played in the league, would be pretty amazing, I haven't seen him play for ages but he seems to have a good attitude and obviously naturally talented.
  7. 24 hours later and don't think I've stopped thinking about it for longer than 2 minutes
  8. When we got taken over and huge amounts of money were expected to be put into the club and first team.... Funny how things turn out.
  9. Would love Dumfries at RB, think he's just moved clubs but think he's a fantastic player.
  10. I had to take this picture earlier. Its what dreams are made of. Dat yellow
  11. At home on my own looking after my 2 young boys as Mrs is at work. Been a nightmare trying to make dinner and feed my youngest while waiting for the statement Celebrated with a beer, Had tears in my eyes 3 times and can't stop thinking about it. Really is a life changing moment and considering I was ready to bin off PL football completely a few months ago its been one hell of a roller-coaster. Can't wait to come watch a game again! C'mon Toons!
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