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  1. Scotty66

    Rafa Benítez

    Where did all their money suddenly come from? And its basically all gone now right?
  2. Nearly as bad as Martial clause of winning the ballon d'or. That still helped the sale
  3. Hit 7 golas and 6 golas twice already in games this season. Is it their squad or their manager making them an absolute goal machine team? Fans must be loving it
  4. Lascelles man absolutely terrible. No awareness and a liability. We need a whole new midfield to even have a chance of staying up. Can't see it happening and can't see us staying up. We don't deserve to stay up anyway let's be honest, we are without doubt one of the bottom 3 teams in the league and have been the entire season. Can't beat Cambridge or Watford at home. That's so fucking bad.
  5. Scotty66

    Chris Wood

    This. The quality of his crossing we need to utilise. We have no decent attacker who's good in the air, nearest being joelinton. This will be a feast for Wood.
  6. Never mind prime Shola, moments Shola is what you need. Not many of them mind.
  7. Cantwell was absolute class for Norwich, a creator and a goalscorer. A lot of my mates are Norwich fans and they're just bitter because he got in a strop, blaming him instead of the club/manager. Nobody really knows what's happened behind the scenes. We need a creative player though, and lots of them, so would be happy if we bring him in.
  8. It's hindsight obviously but we really should have had a striker lined up to be signed on the day the transfer window opened. We have problems all over the squad but it was clear that an injury to Wilson would be an absolute disaster. It didn't have to be a marque signing, just a proven out and out striker. We had plenty of time to get this done.
  9. Mate said to me tonight, "getting pissed off with Newcastle, all I hear is them being linked with every player on all the media and TV channels" Gonna keep an eye on him as the transfer window has only been open 7 days. I guess 10+ years with no mentions in any transfer window kind of makes people forget
  10. Reliable as in PIF have walked away and the deal is dead? That went well.
  11. On the plus side this will only help us in the future ironically, once we get to the level we aim to be at, no other club outside the current big 6 will be able to even have a hope of keeping up. They're trying to stop us from being a big spending top club but it's inevitable, our owners want it and so do one of the biggest investment funds in the World. You can't stop it and the clubs are just killing themselves in order to scratch us, it's ridiculous and what football has become. Will this rule now encourage sugar daddy type owners to buy the likes of Watford or Leeds and turn t
  12. He is. Been said before but I can't think of anyone who is more reliable than him. He has contacts all over Europe. His "here we go" is a done deal.
  13. Thing is though if we're in the league we could get legal teams involved to see if we would have a case etc. If we're not at the table there's literally nothing we can do except sit back and watch. I guess only Man City would "be on our side"
  14. If we do go down you can bet the PL and all the clubs will be passing new rules left, right and centre to stop our owners plowing money into the club. As we won't be at the table any more I think they'll really tighten things up. It won't be impossible of course but you can bet they'll do everything they can to slow our spending power for when we come back into the league.
  15. Scotty66


    I actually prefer trading in ultimate team than playing the actual game.
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