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  1. Aye been listening again to a lot of their stuff. MOF meant a lot to me through some really tough times. Whole thing is tragic, but trying to celebrate the great music they gave us too! I don't know what to say. This band and his words meant so much to me.
  2. He was loaned to a pretty shit Slovak team here and didn't do that great so I can't imagine we will regret this one.
  3. BillClinton


    I love that I actually have something in common with Dwight Gayle. We're both (probably) drunk in the middle of the night and scrolling through twitter and retweeting random would-be trolls.
  4. BillClinton


    dwight gayle Retweeted Nouha Dicko‏Verified account @DNouha 5 Aug 2016 More Anyway well done @FulhamFC . They showed that in this championship you need more than names to get a win ! Interesting season ahead ! Gayle casually retweeting old tweets at 1 in the morning
  5. As soon as the commentator started saying that their keeper was good and penalties it was only a matter of time.... Terrible
  6. Not making a username joke here, but this is easily the worst day of my life. Depressed. What the fuck happened?
  7. Giggled to myself over that one for a good 5 mins
  8. I'd be for lowering it. 6 is a tad too much
  9. It was a catastrophe. Didn't even noticed that I auto-nominated Robert Covington, then got stuck with him when everyone else rightly passed. I think my entire team is PFs and Cs
  10. Daily, only because that's what I'm used to.
  11. So the draft is at 9 England time? Edit: nevermind just saw the change
  12. So I've joined the fantasy league, How to I go about getting a name change on this forum so I can post in peace without think about our hlupy election?
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