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  1. De Bruyne, Messi and Grealish behind Kane would be a laugh
  2. sbnufc

    Formula 1

    "Hamilton didn't hit the apex" stuff is bollocks too man. Look at the steering angle and his position before contact, he was heading right for the apex, man The contact MADE him miss the apex, Max coming across into Lewis' line. Contact happened, the wheel naturally straightened for a split second and Lewis' line was changed to miss the apex. Video here - https://streamable.com/8ixrv2
  3. sbnufc

    Formula 1

    "Every driver who's driven at this circuit knows you do not stick a wheel up at copse" What about the whole car?
  4. That'll be fun. 2023 Prem, 3rd, 7th, 9th and 10th qualify for the Champions League. 13th and you're in the Europa. So stupid
  5. What would be their plan if everyone was just like "oh ok, sure, Sounds good. Go ahead" ? Play Premier League on Saturday and then "european league" midweek? Champions League would be scrapped? What about Europa League? What if Man Utd qualified for Europa league through the Prem, then had to play Prem sat, Euro league Tue, Europa league thurs? I'm so confused with this "plan" Or maybe those "big" 6 teams don't take part in the CL or EL? In which case what would be the point of even being in the Prem? They might as well leave anyway. No scenario sounds even remotely good.
  6. sbnufc

    Parenting stuff

    Ya think? Practically unheard of what you've experienced. Well, yeah He's a pretty calm little guy aside from the occasional screaming. Giving a bath before bed helps if he seems restless. He's on formula and breast milk too, I dunno if that somehow makes a difference with anything (apart from giving him weird shits)
  7. sbnufc

    Parenting stuff

    New dad, got a 2 1/2 month old. It has all been plain sailing so far, we have none of this "new parent zombie" thing going on. He's slept through the night since he arrived, and on the off chance he does wake, the missus feeds him for 5 minutes and he's back asleep for 6 hours. I think we have been very lucky, especially for me it's basically been no change to the sleep routine However in the days he does completely at random start properly screaming, like top of his voice, mouth trembling.. He'll be what seems like in a deep sleep, then go from 0-100 without hesitation. Sometimes he's just hungry or needs changing, but other times he won't stop until he falls asleep again. I guess it's normal, but it's pretty alarming
  8. Scottish football https://imgur.com/a/3RajNsh
  9. 45 attempts for Ajax Lassina Traore with 5 goals and 3 assists
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