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  1. Leek

    Football Manager 2021

    I feel the series needs abit of an overhaul as its literally been the same game for about 5 years now but what more can you add? The obvious is the game engine but you know there not touching that for another 6 years. The only thing I'd like is more emphasis of the pressures and successes in your job from the board, players, supporters and media ect. I dont know how they'd implement it but other than a few messages in your inbox when you stay up, win a cup/ league it just passes you by after a few clicks and when your deep in shit e.g. like Bruce you never really get the forefron
  2. Leek


    If you look at who youd expect to be in the mix its Norwich, Burnley, Us, Southampton, Palace, Watford, Wolves and Brentford. You could question (with Bruce as manager) if we're better than any of the others apart from Norwich. We're going to hope Wilson and ASM play 30+ games each.
  3. If we go down and sell him for 50mill to a Everton or West Ham and I'll be spewing. I hope he goes an actual decent club, he's a match winner or difference maker for any team in the world but obviously would have question marks at elite level.
  4. Leek

    Steve Bruce

    I'd for 4-2-3-1, I think if we're going 4 at the back be need to keep quite rigid so I'd play Murphy RW just to support the defence abit and I think he's being one of our better players. I think Almiron needs to be dropped abit but also think he'll be useful of the bench. I would quite like to see Fraser start aswell though. Also this formation seems to give us more squad depth apart from CDMs. I'd like to see this Woodman Manquillo - Lascelles/ Schar - Fernandez - Lewis/ Dummett (Only put him here as I know Bruce is a minge I would kinda of get it for 1/2 games of a syst
  5. Leek

    Steve Bruce

    I really dont get the gameplan with the 5-2-1-2 or whatever it is. No midfield cause we've got Miggy who I dont even know where he plays, him and ASM just float about and cant keep up with the game as they got lost trying to track back and then getting back forward again. Hayden is the only useful one defensively but gets dragged around easily because hes got to do it all and Willock is a CAM not a CM, he trys but cant defend but also doesnt get any freedom to attack unless we actually keep a sustained attack. We cant press teams because if Hayden/Willock press then we're horribly expose
  6. Ritchie switching off every 5 minutes in the 2nd half. Nobody at HT seemed to pick up on the fact that ASM shouldnt be picking the ball up so deep or atleast without Hayden behind him to cover. On Hayden hes never a box to box midfielder, as much as I like him hes woeful in the final 3rd. Almiron is the same old headless chicken but didnt seem to do as much pressing when we're defending. Going forward we dont seem to have much of a plan other than let ASM dribble, create some space and make a run off him and go from there, hit a ball early and got Wilson gets it or the 2nd ball, g
  7. I think this team without him and we'd be done for. Hes such a positive outlet and actually talented player in such a negative playing style that one or two dribbles from him and we gain alot of momentum and go on to score. The win/lose ratio without him is mad. We'd find it incredibly difficult to replace his ability to beat someone and get himself into the box. Even the fact he can win freekicks and corners is vital for us atm .
  8. Its mental, theyve taken this decision because most clubs voted to end the season asap. Basically every club from 8th and below would have voted to end it now, purely to prepare for next season if theyve got nothing to play for or to avoid any likely hood of relegation. Anyone with something to gain has been screwed over. Mental considering how much time and money has been invested into the season so far, most clubs top of the league will see their best players leave for bigger teams and struggle unless they are well off financially
  9. 5am I've seen mentioned alot, but you can never be sure.
  10. Leek

    UFC Thread

    How trash is this London card they've put on, its the same lot every year The main events a good fight but Edwards hasnt really built a fan base up, I think because it sells out every year they think we love to support our own but the main card is an absolute joke even for a fight night.
  11. Leek


    I get your point but I'd rather come up against teams full of shit players with pace than peoples mega teams of 88 rated pace filled players. I'd obviously have a few noobs but loved building random teams full of Mali, Jamaican etc back when everyone had them teams and could beat them, now its pointless I have to have the standard shit in mine to have a chance.
  12. Leek


    It always seems pretty decent the first week or two its out, then the exploits get exposed. When they get patch you then get everyone spamming the game broken mechanics against you. Timed shooting, skill moves, flick up volleys etc then on top you still couldnt go on the playstation menu without being kicked from the game absolute joke last season. The concept of UT was brilliant back on the old systems, coins were hard to generate saving up 20k coins for an IF striker felt rewarding. Playing David Luiz, Doumbia and them sorts of players with your pace filled team were much better than ha
  13. Leek

    Hip hop fans

    Really enjoying Slowthai, Denzel Curry, Skepta and Tylers albums that are out. Some good music getting released recently.
  14. Leek

    UFC Thread

    This UFC 235 is stacked, really looking forward to it. They've really smashed out the cards recently and their not stopping at all next month in March either
  15. Leek

    Isaac Hayden

    If Schar hadnt of hit that rocket then he'd of been my MOTM tonight. Won headers, won tackles, pressed well and covered the pitch. Hes never looked like having such a run of performances in him but hes been brilliant this year, he must of copied Mo's new year resolution from last year.
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